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Rationale skincare coming to the Canberra Centre

Emma Macdonald

Sometimes, in this fickle world of competitive skincare, you have to make a decision to follow nature or science.

And when it comes to dealing with the ravages of modern living—we are taking the scientific route.

A poll of the HerCanberra office confirms that RATIONALE is a brand which has consistently delivered on what it promises—potent, skin-changing care which can help redress premature ageing, sun damage and acne.

So, there was some excitement when we learned that RATIONALE is bringing a flagship store to the Canberra Centre, promising high-potency skin treatments in a private customised salon within the Beauty Precinct.

In it, trained staff will offer a full-service menu, including an initial RATIONALE Skin Consultation, or DNArray Medical Consultation. Depending on your particular skin issues, you can choose to have a (smoothing and correcting) PhotoGenic Facial, or an (anti-ageing) EpiNova Photosonic Facial.

If it has really been one of those weeks, maybe book yourself in for a super luxe face-lift-without-surgery treatment called EpiGenetic Remodelling which is a series of six treatments and is only offered in select flagships—including Canberra.

And best of all, it is a convenient location to stock up on all your skincare supplies.

We can thank Richard Parker’s bad skin for bringing us to this point. The RATIONALE founder created the line out of personal angst.

RATIONALE founder Richard Parker

“I was not born with good skin genes. I had my mother’s predisposition to sun damage, and my father’s tendency to acne. I was a competitive swimmer, and at 25 I had acne AND sun damage.

“Poor skin can severely damage your self-esteem, and I became obsessed with having ‘perfect skin’.

“So, I set out to educate myself about how it could be done…”

While he wasted money on expensive skincare products that did more harm than good, he said the real gold was to be found in the medical library at Melbourne University, where he spent countless hours devouring dermatology textbooks and pharmacology journals.

“I knew I had found my calling in life; to marry medical science to cosmetic formulation, creating a skincare regime that delivered on its promise of a healthy, radiant complexion.”

The journey was difficult and convoluted, involving a complete change of career and tertiary study in formulation science, but gradually, RATIONALE began to take form.

In 1991, he was approached by several pioneering Australian dermatologists who encouraged him to further his research and develop formulations that addressed the major cause of skin ageing: the sun.

In 2012, he created a new skincare paradigm with the launch of technology using Skin Identical ingredients to deliver the necessary active ingredients at the correct concentrations to target precise tissues and cells, protecting and restoring skin health and radiance.

You too can take your skin to the frontline of science when RATIONALE opens in Canberra.

the essentials

What: RATIONALE’s Canberra flagship store opening
When: Saturday 26 May from 10 am
Where: Canberra Centre Beauty Precinct
Plus: For the first two weeks of opening if you book in for either of the RATIONALE Consultations (regular Consultation is $75 or DNArray is $150) you will receive a complimentary Instant Radiance Treatment valued at $120.


Emma Macdonald

Emma Macdonald has been writing about Canberra and its people for more than 20 years, winning numerous awards for her journalism - including a Walkley or two - along the way. Canberra born and bred, she’s fiercely loyal to the city, tribally inner-north, and relieved the rest of the country is finally recognising Canberra’s cool and creative credentials. More about the Author

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