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Sigourney Cantelo shares her beauty secrets

Laura Peppas

We all know a woman who juggles work, kids and a busy social schedule, but always manages to look so put together.

Somehow, while you’re sitting there with a messy bun and a chocolate stain on your jeans, they are the epitome of effortless chic, forcing you to wonder: “what’s their secret?” Sigourney Cantelo is one of those women.

Luckily, the former beauty editor of Vogue Australia and mother of one is only too happy to reveal her tips on her popular beauty website, Beauticate. Designed to make beauty more accessible to women, Beauticate offers a platform where women can learn about the best products, treatments and techniques in an inviting, “non-scary way,” says Sigourney. “I wanted it to feel like a moment of escape rather than a flurry of pop-up boxes screaming for your attention,” she says. “Plus we’ve profiled some pretty amazing women – everyone from Kym Ellery to Michelle Bridges, Natalie Imbruglia to Ruby Rose.”

This month, Sigourney will be running an exclusive beauty workshop at Canberra Centre, where she will present the latest beauty trends from the international runways and team up with Benefit Cosmetics to show you how to contour like a pro during live demonstrations (hello, cheekbones!) Ahead of her visit, we asked for a sneak preview on what people can expect from her workshop, her must-haves for spring and timesaving tips for busy mums. Take notes, ladies – this is pure beauty gold.

What can people look forward to at your Canberra Centre workshop?

I’ll be discussing the trends you need to know about for Spring/Summer and the best beauty tips I’ve learned from over 15 years in the industry including how to get glowing skin (because, seriously, don’t we all want that?) and the skincare that actually works. We’ll also be doing a live demonstration of contouring and will show you exactly how to master the tricky trend.

What are your five must-have beauty products for spring?

  1. A new fragrance – fresh florals or herbaceous “green” scents are always a good option when the weather warms up. The new Miu Miu fragrance and See By Chloe Si Belle are beautiful options to try.
  2. A good sunscreen – I really like the La Roche Posay Tinted Cream 50+, it has a little bit of coverage for non-meeting days but it works equally as well under foundation.
  3. A luminiser – everyone needs one in their life! It’s the cheat’s way to radiant skin. I love MAC Crème Colour Base in Hush or Clarins has a new Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base that you can put on before foundation, mix with your moisturiser or use a dab as a luminising cream.
  4. A bright, matte lipstick – I would go for either an electric almost fluorescent watermelon or a deep, cherry red for evening. Something poppy, Dior Addict in Riviera or L’Oreal Color Riche Matte in VIP. To really make it pop put a little concealer over your lips first, this will make the colour even brighter.
  5. A texture spray – the new take on dry shampoo, these sprays add instant ‘day-old-grit’ to freshly-washed or fine, slippery hair (like mine). Try the brand by New York Stylist Oribe, Redken Windblown and De Lorenzo Sandstorm.

Do you have any timesaving beauty tips for busy mums?

I love beauty products that work while you sleep, because sometimes that’s the only time frazzled mums get to pamper themselves! I’ll often slather on an untinted tanning product before bed (no tint will save the sheets). St.Tropez Self Tan Dry Oil is amazing (it’s a dry oil so it’s not greasy and doesn’t stink) as is the Eco Tan Organic Invisible Tan. Sleeping masks are also great. You just smooth them on and let them absorb, no need to remove. La Prairie does an amazing one as does Clinique – it’s called the Moisture Surge Overnight Mask. When my hands are parched I’ll also slather them in a rich hand cream and pop on some cotton gloves.

Sigourney Cantelo. Photo: Beauticate.

Sigourney Cantelo. Photo: Beauticate.

Your website, Beauticate, has quickly become the go-to for all things beauty. Why did you initially decide to launch it?

A few reasons… I’ve interviewed so many amazing people throughout my career who had really unique beauty tips and I know how women love to share these secrets but felt we didn’t really have a forum to do that in Australia. I wanted to celebrate inspiring women and give them a place to talk about all those rituals of beautification (Beautication!) that we love to indulge in. I also wanted to make beauty less confusing and more accessible to women by creating a community and platform for exchange where you could learn about the BEST products, treatments and techniques in an inviting, non-scary way. I’ve made some makeup videos that break it down really simply and I’ve had people say it’s changed the way they do their mascara or made a curling tong actually do-able! Hearing that kind of feedback is the best.

Why do you think it has become so successful?

Voyeurism is definitely a factor – everyone loves seeing inside other peoples’ worlds – whether it’s their home or what’s inside their beauty bag. I also took care to make the site and all our design and photography very calm, beautiful and refreshing.

Do you have any memorable feedback/quotes from readers about how your articles have helped them?

We have some amazing emails and comments! One from a mum of two who said “I never have time to look at beauty websites or take time for myself but I loved yours and now it’s my moment of escape. It’s made beauty more approachable and the ‘how to’s’ are excellent.” Another said that she loves how real it feels and that it’s like her girlfriends are talking to her. Nothing makes me happier than reader feedback – I love our readers! We did a reader survey recently and I have to admit I got a bit teary reading the responses – they were so earnest and detailed, and I was touched that people took so much time to give us feedback.

When it comes to your career, what are you most proud of so far?

Creating Beauticate. I really hope that it inspires women to find the time to look after themselves, and to have fun with beauty. To learn about beauty is to gain confidence. When you master those techniques and discover those can’t-live-without products (that transform your skin, your hair, the way you do your makeup) it doesn’t just change your beauty routine – it can actually change your life!

the essentials
What: Beauty Workshop with former Vogue editor Sigourney Cantelo
When: Saturday 17 October, 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Where: Canberra Centre, in between Country Road and Jigsaw on Level 1
How much: $50 per person, includes a complimentary $50 Canberra Centre Gift Card and a style bag to take home.
Web: http://www.moshtix.com.au/v2/event/beauty-workshop-with-sigourney-cantelo/80376


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