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Street Stylin’: Glam Mums Edition

Jenny Tiffen

Last week, Jenny Tiffen took a break from her usual nightly routine of washing, snot, wet beds, school lunches and homework, sport and baby food to get all dolled up for the Luton Charity Ball. Here in a special edition of Street Stylin’, she shares just what is this means for Canberra mums who aren’t always able to venture out…

Occasionally, I get invited to a Ball. Immediately I feel excited but as the occasion approaches, my brain sounds an alarm. “This isn’t my scene anymore.” I have grown to like my mum uniform. It’s me. It’s comfy and practical. Stepping into a glittery gown with matching six-inch stilettos makes me feel somewhat fabulous, very feminine but equally panicked.

Jenny Tiffen

Jenny wears an Eileen Kirby dress.

It is always a dazzling event and Hotel Realm was transformed into a fabulous garden scene straight out of Venice. The evening raised over a whopping $160,000 (they are still counting) for this year’s nominated charity – SIDS and Kids ACT. Richard Luton and his team do an amazing job with this annual fundraiser and they should be recognised, however, that is not what this post is about. (Sorry Richard!)

Getting ready as a guest for such an evening is a huge outlay and much planning is required. This tends to fall hardest on women and even more so if you’re mother! So with a glass of bubbly in one hand and my Notes app open in the other, I asked nine mothers at the Luton Charity Ball to share their look and how they managed to pull it off…

Courtney Miller


Courtney Miller, wearing Eileen Kirby dress.

“I had nothing to wear,” says a freaked out Courtney, who is a mother of three young children and has changed shape many times with each new addition. But after spotting an Eileen Kirby dress in a Canberra boutique, though not in her size, Courtney emailed the designer directly for a custom order. And it arrived just in the nick of time.

As for her three children, Courtney invested in the service of babysitter found through her local childcare centre, which alone was stressful. “There’s an endless list of arranging to be done for a night like this but it’s all worth it to feel glamorous and have such a great child-free night out!”

Cherie Bouquiaux


Cherie Bouquiaux, wearing a dress hired from Glam Corner.

“Crap! A Ball! What am I going to wear?” were the first thoughts that crossed Cherie’s mind. After searching high and low for an ideal outfit with an ideal price tag, Cherie decided to hire her dress from Glam Corner. With a quick application of self-tan and a search on YouTube for ‘how to GHD-soft-curl your own hair’, this mum-to-be was ready to go (and looking amazing).

Alicia Shepard


Alicia Shepard, wearing Things of Desire dress.

Meet Alicia from On the Go Sports and mum to two young children under five. Alicia says it’s getting easier to attend events as the kids grow more independent. “It does take some strategising, such as putting on a movie and a providing a pile of food, so I can run off and get ready,” she says.

Alicia wears a French label, did her own hair and thanks talented friend, Ash, for doing her makeup.

Amanda Miller

Amanda Miller wears Camilla and Marc.

Amanda Miller wears Camilla and Marc.

Looking fabulous in this Camilla and Marc dress that this mum-of-two bought on a Sydney shopping spree with her own mother. This is Amanda’s first Ball where she is not pregnant or breastfeeding and it feels fantastic to let her hair down {or pin it up!}. Her own Mum and Dad are minding the kids. “Tonight I feel like Amanda and not like somebody’s Mum ” she said.

Lisa Ridgely


Lisa Ridgely (CEO of SIDS and Kids ACT), wearing David Jones dress.

A last-minute purchase from David Jones and Lisa admits she was lucky it fitted perfectly straight off the rack. Her mother-in-law came to the rescue and minded the kids so she could get ready including her nails and hair done with a glass of wine to calm her nerves. Lisa admits she had no sleep the night before due to children waking which was followed by a 6am wake up on Sunday morning, but it was her sobering speech during the evening that reminded everyone just how lucky we are and so the lack of sleep was quickly forgiven.


Jenny Tiffen

Jenny Tiffen is happily married with four healthy children. She dates her husband every Wednesday and blogs about it {and other stuff} at lovewednesday.com.au. Jen is a pug-loving, cake-eating gym junkie and a lifelong Canberran who now lives on the internet. Follow Jenny on Instagram @love_wednesday More about the Author

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