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Stylin’ up your rental

Rachel Marsh

If I had a dollar for every time someone said to me, “don’t take any notice of the house, I’m JUST renting’, I would be a rich woman.

There seems to be a misconception out there that when you’re renting, you can’t personalise the space because you can’t paint, can’t make holes in the walls, and so on.  The simple solution is to stop thinking about what you can’t do. Focus instead on what you can do.



The light weight Gazi Knit throw in Misty Pink is a must have item.

The soft grey and pink combo would look great draped over the arm of your sofa, or thrown casually across the end of your bed. It’s the perfect spring accessory.

The Bottom Line: $99.00  from Adairs at Canberra Outlet Centre.


The Napier solid oak coffee table is a great size, and will soften the patterned rug.

The classic mid century design makes this a timeless piece that can easily adapt to different interior styling.

The Bottom Line: $299.00 (W: 1200 x D: 600 x H:450mm)  from Early Settler Recollections at Canberra Outlet Centre.


This Sketch Print is a great size, and helps to link the scheme together.

The geometric lines in the print can also be seen in the rug, and the pattern on the chair.  This adds a cohesive feel to the theme.

Why not layer the canvas and the print to create more interest?

The Bottom Line: $169.00 (600 x 800mm) from Adairs at Canberra Outlet Centre.


Every room needs an occasional chair, and I think that the Slipper Chair in the new Zig Zag Duck Egg fabric is perfect.

It adds colour and pattern to a room, which is an easy way to liven up a drab rental. This cute chair will add a little bit of sunshine to any room.

The Bottom Line: $449.00 from Freedom at Canberra Outlet Centre.


Artwork in a rental can be a bit tricky, as some owners don’t like you to put holes in the walls, which is completely understandable; however, this doesn’t mean silently suffering with bland and blank walls.

Prop a nice artwork on top of a bookcase, or even rest it on the floor against the wall.  Artwork does not need to be hung….

This New Dawn Canvas is light weight and can be propped with ease.

The Bottom Line: $329.00 (700 x 700mm) from Adairs at Canberra Outlet Centre.


When you’re renting, purchasing a sofa can be the biggest decision you will make, as the sofa can make or break your living space.

Factors to consider include how long you will be staying in the current property, and whether your chosen sofa will be suitable for your next space?

If you don’t know where the next space is, then choosing correctly can be challenging.

I think that the Studio sofa is a great choice because it comes in a range of different colours and sizes so you can find what works.

Also, it has a low back, and sits off the floor, making the space feel more open.

A word of caution here though – in my experience one thing that always gets forgotten is checking the size of the lift, stairwell or general access for moving things in and out.

Gaining access may be tricky, therefore getting the sofa size right is important.

The Bottom Line: Studio sofa 2.5 seater starts at $999 from Freedom at Canberra Outlet Centre.


A rug really grounds an interior scheme, and it is for this reason that I’m drawn by the Diamond Ikat Rug in Navy from Pottery Barn.

The geometric pattern will make the room feel larger, whilst adding interest to the space.

The Bottom Line: $133.00 (2400 x 1500mm)  from Pottery Barn at Canberra Outlet Centre.


The Cumulus Hex cushion links the whole scheme together.

It combines pattern, texture and colour, and at under $50 it’s an absolute steal.

The Bottom Line: $45.00 (450 x 450mm) from Adairs at Canberra Outlet Centre.


The Miranda light in mint would be a great addition to any side table.

The pop of colour adds a playful element to the space.  This could also be used as a desk lamp to jazz up your office space.

The Bottom Line: $129.00 from Adairs at Canberra Outlet Centre.

So there you have it–a few different tips and suggested pieces to help you take your rental space from ordinary and uninspiring to something pretty gorgeous. It’s not impossible to do, and it doesn’t have to cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Rachel Marsh

Originally a Wollongong girl, Rachel Marsh the interior designer behind Inspired Interiors moved to Canberra in 2013 and has now made it her home. She loves nothing more than assisting her clients in creating spaces that are warm and inviting. Always keeping in mind that each client is different and every home should be a reflection of those who live in it. Email her at [email protected] More about the Author

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