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Summer skin remedies

Debby Harrington

If you’re like me and have spent more time than usual in the sun over the holidays, your skin and hair might be suffering the effects.

I’m talking about a little extra dryness because, let’s face it, the sun is not kind and we know to limit our exposure…but then again, summer holidays and the beach and lunches outdoors…

There are a few easy things you can do to turn this around and get your skin and locks back looking hydrated and healthy.



Pick a hydrating sheet or tissue mask and apply one every couple of days. It’ll rejuvenate the skin and add back what’s been sorely missed. The beauty of these masks is you take it out the packet, apply it for 20 minutes, remove it but don’t then need to wash your face. Rather rub in the excess product on your skin and you’re done.

These masks are best done at night when there are no environmental factors to get in the way of repairing the skin. The ingredients can work their magic while we sleep.

Extra moisture

Instead of the pea-shaped amount of moisturiser or night cream (or both), be a little more generous and lather those creams on. Your skin is crying out for it and a little extra will be soaked up, going a long way to rehydrating your skin and getting that glow back. I recommend a hyaluronic acid or a serum, depending on your skin. Both are so nourishing, hydrating and will penetrate for maximum effect.


We’re meant to do this twice a week but I’ve added an extra exfoliation day to get rid of the dry surface skin cells. I use a gentle exfoliant so can get away with the extra scrub. When you exfoliate, the beauty products you then apply will penetrate deeper and work better because you’re opening up the pores and deeper layers of the skin to these hydration remedies.


Whether it’s in tablet form like a multivitamin or in powder form like collagen sprinkled over your morning cereal, starting a round of this won’t hurt. The supplement you choose can be specially targeted to your skin concern like dryness or you can go for something that’s more an all-rounder like a tablet for hair, skin and nails.



Head to your local pharmacist or supermarket and check the aisles for loads of these. There are oils and creams and almost every brand will have one for you, to suit your hair – whether fine, curly, colour treated or damaged. I recommend leaving the treatment in overnight. There’s really no harm in giving it more time to do its thing.

Have a trim

Sometimes you just have to get rid of those split ends and start fresh. You can’t always repair every split end and this can be a quick fix. I decided to go this route in addition to a treatment which I had done at the hairdresser. It’s a little more intensive than what I do at home and I do love a good head massage while the treatment penetrates.


Debby Harrington

Debby is a journalist by trade who grew up in Perth before making her way to Canberra. As long as she can remember, her mother has always followed a beauty routine methodically, morning and night, which is where Debby developed her taste for the world of beauty. Debby loves trying new products and can’t live without lip balm, sunscreen and concealer. She also has her own blog featuring all things fashionable and beautiful so check out www.debbywithawhy.com.au. More about the Author

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