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Treat Me Box: made for you

Bronwen Stead

I love mail. Straight up – to me, everything and anything is made even more special when it comes through the postal service. I blame this love of mail for my e-bay and internet shopping addictions. That wait between clicking the “Purchase” button and the goodies arriving in mailbox is filled with anticipation and excitement, hope that it fits, and dreams of the adventures your new purchase will take you on.

So you might be able to appreciate the level of excitement I felt when I received my first Treat Me Box, described by its Canberra-creator as ‘a customised gift box carrying a perfectly suited designer outfit, matched with exquisite accessories that you will fall in love with instantly!’


It was huge and packed with goodies – each individually wrapped – its contents selected based on me answering a few simple questions about my style, what I like and dislike. My treat me box was just that – such a treat for me – and included a lovely organic tea, a range of L’Occitane products and a nail polish, a long silver necklace and earrings, a beautiful black and white dress from Decjuba and a lovely textured white clutch. I can honestly say I loved every item, but was intrigued – how, I mean HOW did she know?


I quizzed founder Laura Darlington further on the business that was born in February this year.

How did you come up with the idea for TMB?

It was a combination of things that made me come up with the idea. Firstly I love internet shopping and the thrill of getting things delivered.

Secondly, I also loved the surprise of not knowing exactly what is coming, I was hooked on those subscription boxes like bellabox, but noticed no one was doing clothes, I searched and I tried using a site in the USA called Golden Tote, which did a similar thing, but you got to pick most of the items, and I found the remainder of the items were not that good.


Thirdly, I think I loved the thrill of getting a delivery because it was like a present to myself, and my partner is notoriously bad at picking presents for me (past presents include a flat screen TV that he had got a 2-for-1 type discount with his twin brother, a pair of undies you could wear for 20 days straight and camping cooking pots). It got me thinking how good would it be if I could offer a service where lovely ladies could get awesome gifts delivered to themselves, or partners, family, and friends could get this services for people they love.

It seemed to me that it was my best friends that always nailed the presents and not my partner, so how about a service that gave the same delight that your best friends gifts did, that partners or family could access. To add to this I love fashion and clothes and getting people into clothes that makes them look and feel fantastic.

I looked around and no one was offering a personalised service – I want a treat me box to feel like your best friend has picked out all the items especially for you.

What has been your favourite/most unique box to date?

My favourite box was a box organised for a local lady by her husband. Her husband rang me and said that his wife’s birthday was the next day, and could I organise a box for her as he had not sorted anything. I got hold of the photos of her and organised a box and had it delivered on her birthday.




The lady went through the day thinking that her husband hadn’t organised anything, but when they got home for the day she found out that he had organised a Treat Me Box for her. She unwrapped it and found a dress, with a handbag and accessories and a few other things like teas and hand creams that she loved. He told her to put on what was in the box as they were going out to dinner to celebrate her birthday.

She was over the moon as it was all perfectly picked out for her, and the husband looked like a star for organising it all. Basically we took all the hard work out of it for the husband, and the wife got something she really loved (no more toasters).

How do you source items for each box?

I have a stock of pieces that I have spent the last six months sourcing, and I am constantly finding unique and fabulous pieces, When an order comes in, I look at all the information provided and build up a profile in my head of what I think will suit the individual. I then see if any of my collection suits them; if not I go and find something, I’ll do whatever to make the box just perfect. But one of the keys is staying ahead of all the trends and buying key quality stylish pieces when you see them.

And where do you source your pieces? Do you use local business?

I use online stores, but I also use local businesses as I think it’s important to support other Canberra businesses, and also by shopping locally I can ensure that I’m including quality items. In past boxes I have included stem teas by Claire a local Naturopath; Two Before Ten Coffee, plus items from heaps of Canberra retailers. Canberra actually has lots of great shopping I just take the stress out of it by putting together a box perfectly styled to the recipient.

What does the future hold?

I want to get a really good following in Canberra and hopefully make some people feel really special when they receive a treat me box. I’d love to get some more monthly subscribers who will get a wardrobe update each month, and who I can get to know so I can find/source perfect pieces to make their jaw drop each month.


so back to me…

I can definitely say that my box did feel as though my best friend had picked items out for me! I received the box and wore every item the same day to an event with my husband. Not only did everything fit and coordinate perfectly, but it was also an extension of my style. If shopping, I might not have selected the items for myself, but when put together and once on, it looked exactly like something I would wear.

You know when you are shopping and you have a really great sales assistant who encourages you try something different than what you would usually pick up? And it turns out it looks better on you than the items you originally grabbed? Treat Me Box was just like that and is a service I will definitely be using again! I mean, who knows what she will dress me in next?!

the essentials

What: Treat Me Box
Where: Order online at
How much? Various prices, but most from $99 to $199

The author received a Treat Me Box free of charge for the purposes of this review. The content reflects her genuine opinion on the product.

Bronwen Stead

Bronwen loves to celebrate life and all things Canberra, which is why she is passionate about writing for HerCanberra and promoting the amazing people and activities that Canberra contains. She is a mother, wife and a creative with a passion for wellbeing and health. More about the Author

  • Martina

    This is SO cool!! Thanks for letting us know about this fantastic new business Bronwen, I will definately be letting my husband know closer to my birthday!

  • Alexandra Souvlis

    Hello there. This sounds great but I just clicked on the link to Treat Me Box and took me to GREGBUYSHOUSES.COM.AU website. It was selling shoes and gymwear…….bellabox and GoldenTote links worked though…..I’ll try another way but I think perhaps you should check your link?

    • Amanda Whitley

      Hi Alexandra

      I think the url must have been taken over by another company – the article is two years old so I assume Treat Me Box must be no more!


      • Oh no ! The big fish is eating the small fish 🙁

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