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The ultimate underwear guide

Annie Brown

Getting dressed in the morning.

It can be a fun-filled exercise of self-expression and fun; equally, it can be one of the most bewildering and dreaded times of the day.

Before you’ve even had your morning shot of caffeine, you’re faced with questions such as ‘Why do I not seem to have anything to wear even though I have a closet full of clothes?’.

On top of this, you have to factor in the pieces that sit underneath said clothes, because there is no way you can walk into that elevator pitch with a VPL (visible panty line), if you will.

You can even invest in the perfect capsule wardrobe, but if the foundation isn’t there, the whole look can just feel a little…well…off. By foundation, I am talking about underwear, those oft-overlooked essentials that can either make or break your comfort level and, with it, your confidence.

So how does one know not only what types of underwear to wear with certain outfits but also how to make your lingerie work for your overall look, not against it? Where better to look than the iconic Calvin Klein, pioneers of underwear as outerwear?

From Kate Moss to Bieber, Brooke Shields and even an array of Kardashians, Calvin Klein have always had a knack for proving that underwear is an important part of any wardrobe. Hey, if it worked for Marky Mark…

So, let’s get down to basics (pardon the pun). Calvin Klein has all the wardrobe essentials to get you dressed from top to toe. Stick to these tips and getting dressed in the morning will become, dare I say, something to look forward to.


Mini Skirt – Tango Red $149.95; Clean line trucker – tango red $279.95 Both available in store at Calvin Klein jeans and David Jones; Logo singlet – $49.95 available at Calvin Klein Jeans; Modern Cotton Lace Unlined triangle – $69.95 and bikini $49.95 – available at David Jones and Myer

There are some instances in which you definitely do not want your underwear to be seen (i.e. if you’re Britney and it’s 2006) but, on occasion, a hint of lace here and there can add an interesting element to an otherwise plain outfit.

Unbuttoning a crisp white shirt to show a peek of lace can be a subtle way to add a feminine touch. Similarly, layering a bralette under a sheer blouse or mesh top can modernise and add texture to your look. Bras or bodysuits with interesting back detail can also be worn underneath a backless or off the shoulder top or knit.


Cropped Hoodie – $129.95; Jogger – $119.95 both available at The Iconic; Pop colour tee – $59.95 available at Calvin Klein Jeans; Mixed Mesh Unlined Bralette – $99.95 & Brief $49.95 available at Myer

Conversely, more often than not, we want our underwear to sit seamlessly under our clothes. We have all been in uncomfortable bras that are not the right fit, have created lumps and bumps in the most unflattering places and bra straps that have fallen down at inopportune times. The easiest way to get around this is to have a professional bra fitting, as we have all heard Oprah say that eight out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size bra (and we all know Oprah speaks the truth).


Clean Line Trucker in Sterling Blue – $279.95; Sleeveless dress- $199.95 both available at Calvin Klein Jeans; Unlined triangle $69.95 & thong $44.95, available at Myer

As for knickers, seamless underwear works in almost every situation, particularly when wearing a tight dress, skirt, pants or jeans. Nude is better than white when wearing white or pale bottoms as it will disappear under your clothes. And never underestimate the power of shapewear. You get what you pay for here, so be prepared to invest in pieces that will last.


Straight Jeans in Sterling Blue – $199.95 available at Calvin Klein Jeans; Pop colour sweatshirt – $109.95 available at The Iconic; Unlined bralette $49.95 & Bikini $29.95, available at Calvin Klein Underwear

It doesn’t all need to be serious though, there are some beautiful colours in lingerie this Autumn/ Winter that are too pretty to be kept hidden! Yes, underwear can serve an important purpose as the canvas for your outfit, but it can also add the cherry on top. #YOLO as they say- if you find a piece that makes your heart flutter, go ahead and treat yourself. Even if no one else can see it, YOU will know what you have on underneath.

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Annie Brown

Annie Brown is the owner and lead stylist at Style by Annie, a personal styling business based in Canberra. With over 11 year's experience in fashion, Annie's mantra is 'you don't need to spend up big to look a million dollars' and she can help inspire you to de-code the trends and bring the pizazz of the runway into the everyday. Each week, Annie advises women and men about their personal style through personal shopping, consultations and wardrobe audits. Annie finds nothing more rewarding than seeing the transformations of her clients and how their confidence develops along with their style. Annie is also a stylist for Westfield, fashion writer, blogger and fashion host and regularly styles fashion shoots and events. Find her at http:// www.stylebyannie.com.au More about the Author

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