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What on earth is dermaplaning?

Debby Harrington

Who would have thought that women would adopt this part of a man’s beauty routine?

I’m talking about shaving the face – well, ‘dermaplaning’ – because it has to sound a little fancier if we’re going to do it.

Some call it a form of exfoliation – removing the dead skin cells and vellus hair also known as peach fuzz. 

Here’s how it works. A trained professional will glide a scalpel like blade in upward strokes across your face – usually your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. Your face must be dry – there’s no messy shaving cream needed here.

If I’m being completely honest, this scares me. Will my face be cut? Will my hair grow back thicker and darker? If I start, will I ever be able to stop?

Before you get ahead of yourself, don’t go DIY and take a razor to your face

The two beauty gurus I trust implicitly are Zoe Foster Blake and Chloe Morello and both have done dermaplaning.



“Dermaplaning is exfoliating, brightening, skin tone evening, noninflammatory, helps skincare penetrate better and makes your skin freakishly smooth because, um, it’s hairless meaning your makeup will sit perfectly,” Zoe wrote in an Instagram post after having it done.

“A few days on and I’m a luminous, bright, fuzz free, smooth skinned slice of face cherry pie.”

Chloe Morello actually forgoes the professional treatment and shaves her own face (FYI, this is not actually dermaplaning) but she is an experienced beauty pro so for the rest of us, this is not recommended.

“Shaving your face its not scary,” Chloe says.

Chloe Morello. Via YouTube.

Chloe Morello. Via YouTube.

“I actually shave my face and sometimes I use a regular razor – I just make sure it’s not the same one that I shave my legs with and sometimes I use [a] smaller one so I can get the fine areas around my mouth.

“It makes a huge difference when applying your makeup.”

Now we haven’t touched on the big question – will it make our hair grow back thicker and quicker?

Both women say no.

“[Hair] does not come back thicker, it does not come back black, all that happens is your face is smooth as a damn dolphin,” Chloe reveals in a beauty vlog.

So my mind has been changed and I will give this a whirl – all in the name of research. Yes, I realise it means I’m admitting I have some of the old unfriendly peach fuzz but getting rid of it this way sounds a whole lot better and less painful than waxing or threading.

Laser hair removal is an option but it doesn’t work for everyone. It’s best for people with dark hair so if you’re blonde or a redhead like me, we have to find another way.

Stay tuned to my Instagram and blog for details on how I went dermaplaning and if anyone has ever done it before or can recommend someone who’ll be gentle, get in touch.


Debby Harrington

Debby is a journalist by trade who grew up in Perth before making her way to Canberra. As long as she can remember, her mother has always followed a beauty routine methodically, morning and night, which is where Debby developed her taste for the world of beauty. Debby loves trying new products and can’t live without lip balm, sunscreen and concealer. She also has her own blog featuring all things fashionable and beautiful so check out More about the Author

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