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Where to find locally made beauty products

Samara Gentle

Canberra is full of so many wonderfully talented people, you can buy just about anything locally made, you just need to know where to look.

Sadly, finding beauty parlours in Canberra that use locally made products are extremely hard to come by. In fact, I called seven different places across Canberra and not one sold anything locally made.

If you’re passionate about locally made or have skin sensitivities or allergies and are struggling to find something that works for you, being able to speak to the creators and know exactly what’s in the product can be a huge relief.

Cottage Garden products at OBDM

Cottage Garden products at OBDM. Image courtesy of

Being a beauty writer for HerCanberra has given me a lot of practice as to where to go to find local products. It wouldn’t be fair to keep this to myself so here are my tips for finding great handmade beauty products within the Canberra area.

Old Bus Depot Market

Markets are a great way to find locally made products and one of my favourites is the Old Bus Depot Markets. While OBDM have many regular store holders they do occasionally get new ones so by visiting the markets every few months you’re sure to find something new.

Arctic Cloudberry Brightening Serum from Ash and Clay. Image courtesy of

Arctic Cloudberry Brightening Serum from Ash and Clay. Image courtesy of

Some of my favourite local beauty makers are Cottage Garden Body Products and Ash & Clay. There are other stall holders who sell products not created in Canberra so if you’re passionate about buying locally made make sure to ask the stall holder and they’ll happily oblige.

Canberra Night Market

New to the Canberra market scene is Canberra Night Market. While they’ve only held three markets, I’ve found several new beauty businesses to indulge in. My new favourites being Meraki Body and Peli&Co.

Peli&Co products. Image courtesy of

Peli&Co products. Image courtesy of

The benefit of markets is you actually get to ask the creator what is in each product. If you’re sensitive or allergic to particular ingredients a lot of them will even offer to custom make things for you perfect to your skin type.


Not all small business owners are able to have stalls at markets so the next place to look is Etsy. When searching products you can filter the shop location to Canberra ACT and you’ll be pleasantly surprised as to how many makers of beauty are here.

Meraki Body Berries and Vanilla Scrub . Image courtesy of

Meraki Body Berries and Vanilla Scrub . Image courtesy of

They range of makeup to skin care, fragrances and even products safe for baby. You’re also able to directly contact shop owners if you want to know more about their ethics or ingredients. I also highly recommend checking out ‘reviews’ left by shoppers to get an idea of peoples experiences.


Have you had a great local beauty find?


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Samara Gentle

Samara is a Canberra based freelance makeup artist who specialises in bridal and event makeup but loves the creativity of fashion and editorial. She has a passion for sharing her pro knowledge and seeing other women embrace makeup to help share their personal style.

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