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Women at Work: Georgie Beaumont

Annie Caughey

Where the runway meets your living room.

Learning the ins and outs of the industry since she was a child, Georgie Beaumont is the founder of home style business, Luxe and Beau. As the Head Designer for the company, she has developed a chic local brand that stocks a unique collection of cushions, rugs and lampshades.

Growing up in Canberra with parents who owned an interior furnishings business themselves, Georgie would spend the majority of her weekends either helping her mother on merchandising trips or exploring the fabrics and textures sold in her parent’s store. Which ultimately influenced and birthed her love for design.


“I have always had a passion for decorating,” she explains. “I used to spend my school holidays redecorating my room with new cushions and fabrics from my parent’s store.”

After graduating from Canberra Girls Grammar, it was Georgie’s keen eye for colour and creativity that pushed her to study a degree in Graphic Design at the Australian Business Academy. Later, she then moved to London to study design at the London Fashion College.

Motivated by a long-term disappointment with the small generic range available within the Australian soft furnishings market, Georgie intertwined these two passions into one project. The end result? A bold collection of furnishings she had spent her life searching for.


Luxe and Beau stay in tune with the latest colours, designs and trends. Their products are a bold and bright clash of patterns always inspired from the latest fashions on the runway.

“I can’t stand bland and predictable design. I love to see interiors with balance and impact”, says Georgie, who explains that having her own blank canvas pushed her to explore her own designs.

“Buying my own property allowed me to develop a style that was uniquely me and that was the beginning of Luxe and Beau”.

The aesthetic of Luxe and Beau is usually contained to a single colour theme that is tied together with a combination of patterns including animal prints and floral designs. While these designs are daring as individual pieces, the professional styling team at Luxe and Beau can help you balance them into a space that creates a desired look or atmosphere, whether that be conservative or quirky.

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Georgie believes that like your wardrobe, your home should be constantly updated and refreshed to express who you are as a person. But it doesn’t always have to be an extreme or expensive makeover. In her own home, she likes to combine contemporary pieces with antiques refreshed with natural flora.

“My favourite piece is a huge gilt antique mirror that was used in our last photo shoot,” she says. “Every Thursday I go to the Fyshwick markets to get fresh greenery and flowers for the week”.

Already operating internationally, Luxe and Beau utilise the finest natural materials to create their products including organic New Zealand merino wool and handmade Indian woven tapestries. They already have international stockists in the U.S but Georgie still has dreams to take her business even further.

“I see Luxe and Beau as a global brand and in time, producing my own wallpaper and fabric range with coordinating bed linens. This is just the beginning.”

You can find out more about Luxe and Beau on their website


Annie Caughey

Annie Caughey who has just recently returned from London has spent most of her life coming and going, but always seems to find herself back in the humble Canberra. She is a big believer in the vibrant colourful culture that exists here and loves everything from fashion and food to music and art. Even though she still can't figure out the bus system, she has a great knowledge of what's happening in Canberra and loves sharing all about it with Her Canberra readers. More about the Author

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