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Workwear: How to dress your man

Hayley O'Neill

Sometimes your man needs a little help in the wardrobe department. It’s not a bad thing, he probably just has other interests – like his car or the gym or what sports match is playing on television. So that’s why they need our help every now and again…

Ok, so our tongue is firmly in our cheek, but with the change of season and the colder days quickly approaching (Autumn is just weeks away), the best way for a man to cater to the seasonal changes when it comes to his office workwear, is to layer up.


If you think about his daily routine, he will start his day by walking into work (either from his car into the building or from where you live). By the time he arrives at his office, walks inside the door, takes the lift and finally sits down at his workstation or office, he’s probably developed a slight sweat and will be feeling quite hot.

During the day, he will spend the majority of his time sitting at his desk—and when you will need to consider the air conditioner/heater. I find that in my office, it does not matter what time of the year it is, I always unfortunately find myself freezing cold.

To start the layering, dress him in a basic shirt silhouette; have fun by playing with the print. From the tones of the shirt’s print, layer up with a perfectly matched coloured sweater. There are lots of options for men’s sweaters like sleeveless, v-neck and lots of different textures as well.


For a sophisticated look, add a blazer to complete the top half of this new corporate outfit. For the bottom half, dress him in a basic chino style pant. Navy is on trend colour this season for men’s pants and is a refreshing alternative to black. Don’t forget he will need a belt and some classic lace up dress shoes to complete the outfit.


Style notes

  • The blazer will protect him from the outside climate;
  • the sweater will keep him warm whilst he is sitting at his desk; and
  • the shirt is perfect breezy (and breathable) item for that highly stressful meeting or interview.

For the days that he might have something important on like a business meeting or interview, layering up a suit is the perfect way to impress during this unpredictable weather.


Navy is also on trend this season for suits and you can find affordably priced ones from Y.D., Connor, Tarocash and Roger David. If however you are looking for a quality suit at a higher price point there is no better place to stop than Oxford. Oxford can tailor the suit to fit him perfectly and the designer quality will ensure that it last for years.

To add some style to his suit, have fun by adding accessories like a watch, briefcase, pocket square or interesting tie, to create a point of uniqueness in his look. Now you have the tools to help your man accommodate for this season’s very unpredictable weather.

Photographs by Kevin Thornhill and Eric Piris; models Ross Busse, Dirk Wilkens and Emma Bell; and styled by Hayley O’Neill. 

Feature image of men’s belt, tie and suit courtesy of Shutterstock.


Hayley O'Neill

Hayley O’Neill is a Canberra based fashion stylist and fashion editor for HerCanberra. Hayley works as a freelance stylist at Westfield Belconnen and Woden and began her career styling for The Work Diaries blog. Hayley has lots of experience dressing real people with every size, age, budget and body shape. More about the Author

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