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Emily Simpson

Mothers of the bride or groom naturally fall into the spotlight and as such will want to feel confident in what they’re wearing.

We spoke to stylist and founder of Style LiberationFiona Keary, about what steps the mothers of the bride or groom can take toward acing their wedding day outfit, and where they can find that outfit in Canberra.

These are her five top tips:

1. Understand the dress code 


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This doesn’t just mean just checking the dress code on the invitation. Fiona says that chatting to the bride and groom about how they want the dress code to be interpreted is the best possible way of determining what will suit the day – which will alleviate any associated stress with getting the dress code wrong!

2. Matching is for the bridesmaids only

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Talking to the bride and groom about the dress code also means you’ll know what colours other people in the wedding party will be wearing. Keep the matching to the bridesmaids. Similarly, you won’t want to stand out too much, so it’s important to know the colours people in the remainder of the wedding party will be wearing, in order to choose a unique colour whilst not clashing.

3. Comfort first

Fletcher Lovell shoes.

Image via Fletcher Lovell shoes.

Fiona stresses the importance of wearing something comfortable, as it’s a long day. Shoes are the first thing to come to mind when thinking about comfort. Having a spare pair is always handy.

4. Comfort is not just about the shoes…

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Feeling comfortable is not just about having a backup pair of flats, it’s also about how you FEEL. If the outfit makes you feel special and confident, then it will show.

Gaining that feeling may require taking risks, however, Fiona says that many women who approach her for style advice are reluctant to embrace ‘youthful’ styles or fitted styles which a lot of women deem inappropriate for their figure.

Fiona says that she loves seeing the look of surprise and awe on the face of women who try on something they wouldn’t have tried on otherwise. She says there’s nothing to lose by trying it on, so just do it!

5. Flatter yourself


While it’s important to take style risks, it’s also important to know what suits you. That is, the colours that suit you, the styles that suit you, and the clothes that best reflect your personality.

Oh, and another rule: Don’t underestimate the importance of underwear. That doesn’t mean wearing body-sculpting underwear that ‘sucks everything in’ – it’s purely about wearing the type of underwear that suits the outfit (visible panty line? no thanks).

If you’re not sure of what styles to opt for but don’t have time to recruit a stylist, then a few safe style options, according to Fiona, are anything with lace, raised waists, or sheen fabric.

Fiona also kindly listed a selection of the best stores in Canberra for wedding day outfits for mothers of the bride or groom. They include:


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