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Real Wedding: Debby and Duncan

HerCanberra Team

HerCanberra’s beauty writer Debby Harrington was married earlier this year in a romantic, chic ceremony at Old Parliament House.

But why would we interview her about her wedding when she could just tell you herself?


I think there are two types of people in this world.

  1. Those who plan their wedding from the moment they hit their teens, cutting out pictures from magazines and creating a scrapbook of inspiration.
  2. The ones who get engaged and then realise they need to get to work on planning the event.

I definitely fall into category two. I knew I wanted a white dress and that my bridesmaids wouldn’t wear pink chiffon with puffy sleeves – but that’s seriously it.

My now husband Duncan was no groomzilla, happy to handball the planning to me, which was pretty cool.


My advice to anyone planning a wedding is to put your trust and faith in the experts you are asking to help organise what will arguably be the best day of your life.

Naomi Hogie from The Perfect Gown designed me the most sensational dress if I do say so myself. Aside from the colour, I knew I wanted a high neck dress with lace. Within an hour we had a design which we tweaked a couple of days later. I have never felt more beautiful and comfortable in a dress.


I am not much of a flower expert so a four-year-old bridal magazine I found was crucial when picking a bouquet style and table decorations.

The ladies from Poetry in Flowers finished my poorly constructed sentences when I tried explaining to them I was after an unstructured bouquet with loads of greenery. The end result was exactly what I had in mind.


What I am much better versed in is hair and makeup and having had the honour of Diana Cheetham and Amy Capeda each doing my makeup before, I locked them in real quick. In addition to being incredible makeup artists, they’re such great people and added to the fun, relaxed vibe while getting ready at The Hyatt.

When one of your now husband’s groomsmen owns a hair salon, it’s not just you who gets your hair done on the day! It wouldn’t have taken as long as my do, which I found a picture of on Pinterest and left the rest to Ezara Rooney from Off London. I loved my long ponytail look.


Pinterest was also really handy when finding a wedding cake design. Duncan and I went with Cakes of Your Dreams because they had the fun cake topper we wanted already in stock (they even changed the hair colours of the bride and groom to match ours), could make it gluten free and had an abundance of fake cake designs in their showroom so my Mum and I were in and outta there in about 15 minutes.


Vintage Car Rentals have the greatest array of cars to pick from so you can show up to your wedding in style. I picked the 1958 Bentley. For the bridesmaids, Duncan and his groomsmen, they had stretch Chryslers from Valley Limousines.

The owners even had two newborn car seats fitted for my bridesmaids with little bubs. Instabooth Canberra set up the coolest photo booth and those pics doubled as something our guests could take home.


One thing Duncan and I were very conscious of was looking after our guests from start to finish. Our ceremony and reception were at Old Parliament House so guests had to be entertained for the hours we were off having happy snaps.

The hardest thing was finding this entertainment because a humble Google search came up with bands and singers in Sydney. We enlisted Rob Barker who used to work with Duncan and he sang me down the aisle and then played for a couple of hours before the reception. This was his first wedding performance and he created the most beautiful atmosphere.


Speaking of music, the star of the reception was our DJ. Sue Freeman from Runaround DJs is 59 and no one could quite believe what they were seeing behind the decks. She told us straight up she was an ‘older lady’ who loved music so a few years back decided she wanted to be a DJ. Sue was a crowd favourite.


Last but not least are our wedding photographers. Corinna and Dylan have this enthusiasm and easy going nature but are able to hussle when you’re losing light and still need to take bridal party photos. They created the most incredible memories for us on ‘film’.

My final, and most important message is this: despite your best planning efforts, not everything will go to plan on the day but in the words of Taylor Swift, shake it off and enjoy yourself.


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