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Emily Simpson

It was while she was pretending to be a wedding celebrant for her friends that Sheridan Brill decided she wanted to do it for real.

The ‘Aha!” moment came during her friends’ second ‘wedding’ amongst extended family and friends, a few months after they had been married in a private ceremony, when Sheridan was asked to be the couple’s celebrant. Not only did it compound her love for all things weddings, it confirmed for Sheridan that she wanted to be a part of more weddings to come.

“I’ve always loved attending weddings as a guest and most of my friends are married now so being a celebrant means I still get to enjoy them!”.

“I love the excitement in the air as everyone awaits the bride or groom’s arrival, I love the beautiful dresses, I love seeing the moment when the couple lock eyes, the exchange of vows, the buzz from friends and family”.

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Image by Into the Clearing Photography

It’s a unique role that a celebrant plays in a couple’s wedding—but it’s not without its challenges. Sheridan says that as a celebrant, couples are “relying on me to create an atmosphere that reflects them and their love”.

“Being a part of a couple’s big day is a massive honour”.

“People place a lot of trust in the person they choose to be their celebrant and I’m just excited to be involved.”

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Image by Into the Clearing Photography

Being a celebrant doesn’t just mean reciting the same lines for every wedding, either.

“There are so many ways to deviate from the standard wedding ceremony and that of course whilst there are some legalities that are non-negotiable, there is huge scope for doing things your way.”

And this takes weeks of preparation. Sheridan says that in the weeks or even months leading up to the wedding, the celebrant is working with the couple to ensure the completion of legal paperwork, as well as supporting the couple to write their vows and sign the ceremony, whether it be religious or civil.

It is something which the couple may mistakenly overlook in their wedding preparations, but having the right celebrant for the couple and the day is important – something which both Sheridan and previous Unveiled brides certainly agree on.

“I think it’s really important that couples meet the celebrant prior to booking them to ensure that the celebrant’s personality and style suits them.”

“The Celebrant plays a big role in creating the atmosphere of the ceremony, you want it to be memorable – for all the right reasons!”

While Sheridan loves every unique experience she has had as a celebrant, it is the memories of friends’ ceremonies which she has overseen that stand out to her the most.

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“Conducting weddings for friends is a real joy, though I have to work at not crying! Having young children and animals in wedding ceremonies always adds a bit of a spark too!”

You can find Sheridan on Facebook at @marriedbysheridan.


Emily Simpson

Emily is a fourth year Arts/Laws student at the Australian National University. When she’s not studying, which is most of the time, she’s hanging out with friends, drinking coffee, frequenting bakeries in the search for finger buns and vegemite scrolls, or playing sports. Gradually getting closer to the end of her five-year degree, Emily is still trying to figure out exactly what she wants to do ‘when she grows up’, with potential career paths in either law or something related to writing. For now, though, she’s enjoying soaking up the Canberra lifestyle! Emily also writes at www.food-fitness-fashion.com. More about the Author

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