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Editorial Guidelines

HerCanberra is committed to providing relevant, accurate, honest and ethical reportage, news and views relating to all areas of interest to our readers and in unashamed support of women living in Canberra.

We strive to bring diversity, truth and public interest information to our website and social media channels, respecting our audience and always being open to feedback.

A word on sponsored content

Because we need to pay the bills, we also bring you sponsored content. But we will always declare this at the start and scrupulously adhere to the requirements of the Code of Ethics set out by the Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA). Please understand that sponsored content is different to the editorial content we produce. You can see more on our Legal page.

We are professionals

We have a core editorial team of journalists, Emma Macdonald, Beatrice Smith and Laura Peppas, headed by our unflappable founder and leader and former ACT Woman of the Year Amanda Whitley. Between the team we have nearly 40 years of journalistic experience, and Amanda and Emma are both foundation members of Women in Media Canberra, a professional national network of women working across the media, first started by the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance.  It goes without saying that we adhere to the MEAA Code of Ethics.

We want to publish your voices too

We care about our city and we care about our community and if it is of interest to you, then we strive to provide you with accurate information. We also love giving you a platform upon which to speak. This is part of the reason we publish a diverse range of views from contributors across the government, legal, academic, health, welfare, arts, fashion, food, wellbeing and cultural sectors. We respect that these views are entirely the authors’ own and we seek to provide clear bylines and backgrounds for all our contributors so you know who you are reading.

Editorial independence

We ask that you respect the editorial independence of all the voices on HerCanberra, even if they do not always reflect your own views.

We edit all content before it appears on our website in order that it meets our community’s standards and that there are no undisclosed conflicts of interest.

We also undertake many of our own investigative and long-form journalism pieces and we love your input on this. Bear in mind, however, that we are a very small team, trying to undertake a very large workload.

Political reporting

When it comes to reporting on politics or current affairs, we seek to publish a full range of views—allow people the right of reply—and ensure there is no political bias.

Where we draw the line

We do not tolerate sexism, racism, bigotry or small-mindedness in any form and always reserve the right to refuse material that seeks to undermine the rights or dignity of others

This is the same for public comments on any of our social media posts. We monitor, block and delete anything that does not meet the fair expectations of our community.

We will do the difficult stories

We do not, however, shy away from difficult topics—sex, sexism, death, birth, gender identity, discrimination, domestic violence, mental illness, to name just a few. All we ask is that our readers to approach our content with an open mind and a willingness to understand new viewpoints.

If you think we’ve made a mistake

HerCanberra seeks to present the most accurate and up-to-date information across our website and social media platforms as is humanly possible. But we will be the first to admit that a small team doing a huge workload can, and sometimes does, make mistakes. If you have a complaint, please see our complaints handling policy here: Complaints-handling policy

Thank you and drop us a line if you want

Most of all, we strive to be honest and fair—and we hope that all interactions with our community are kind!

If you have questions about any of this, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at editor@hercanberra.com.au

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