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The 2017 Canberra International Music Festival

The Canberra International Music Festival (CIMF) has officially launched its 2017 program to an eager audience of subscribers and guests.

Taking place from 27 April to 7 May 2017 at venues around Canberra including the National Museum, National Gallery of Australia, National Library of Australia and National Portrait Gallery, as well as the CIMF home venue at the Fitter’s Workshop, this year’s Festival promises dynamic musical performances from a stellar array of overseas and Australian musicians.

A vibrant fusion of thought-provoking conversation, culinary adventures and exceptional music making that pays tribute to the spirit of revolution: that’s the Canberra International Music Festival, an annual treat for Australia’s culture lovers. The Festival gathers some of the world’s most creative artists together to create a joyous explosion of music that, for eleven exhilarating days, will resonate throughout the city.

With Revolution forming the backdrop to the 2017 season, the great milestones in our history become the context for over twenty expertly curated concerts. The Festival explores these momentous events, not only the October Revolution and its red blood-soaked line in the sand (Rachmaninov on one end and Shostakovich on the other), but also the storming of the Bastille in 1789, a milestone in Western history that uncannily coincides with the undisputed highpoint of Mozart’s creative powers, and Mao’s Long March that laid the basis for a new Chinese society, Cultural Revolution and all. Finally, the arrival of the British fleet in Botany Bay in the year 1788, arguably the most fundamental upheaval in the history of Australia, urges a musical investigation of our own democratic system as well as a renewed connection with our indigenous brothers and sisters.

Find the entire program on their website here.

Image: Canadian Brass. Credit: Bo Huang

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