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The 7 Mindset Gremlins That Mess With You Most

(and how to get on with your stuff anyway)

On and on they go. Mindset gremlins, worming their way through our mental to-dos, creating doubt. Fanning fear. Telling us exactly what they know is going to trip us up, and keeping us smaller and safer and tucked more tightly into our comfort zones than we really want to be.

It’s infuriating not getting on with things. Not doing what we plan. Holding back. Focusing on things that don’t matter nearly as much as the big stuff that would propel us so much further forward in our lives in all the areas that mean the most to us.

We’ve a list of more than 100 secret self-doubts collected in our Gremlins Workshops from people just like us, who thought there was nobody just like them, because we all appear to be involved in an unofficial mass cover-up that has led us to believe that other people have their acts together.

They don’t.

We don’t.

The ducks will never line up. Finding out ‘it’s not just me!’ is not only liberating — it’s the first step in getting on with things despite our doubts. Big things that we owe ourselves to get on with in our health and relationships, careers and finances, families and more …

Our two-hour workshop will have you laughing, crying and — best of all — realising you are NOT the only one wondering why you’re not further ahead, more organised, more confident, fitter, happier, more satisfied in your relationships, in a stronger place financially, more patient, more relaxed, more ambitious … more of all the things you want the most.

    Learn how to recognise what’s holding you back, and how to push past these gremlins to achieve the goals you set

    Understand what it’s costing you to let them win, and where to draw the line

    Embrace the power of small steps and get more things done

    Feel empowered to move through tasks more quickly

    Learn about an actionable, motivating and achievable way of creating goals and maintaining positive momentum

Hosted by Emma Grey & Audrey Thomas, Co-founders of the My 15 Minutes Program and authors of an upcoming book about mindset and productivity, due for release in February 2017.

Buy your tickets from www.my15minutes.com.au.


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