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ACT Policing: Project Safe Plate

ACT Policing fitting number plates with tamper proof screws, for free!

Project Safe Plate is an initiative aimed at decreasing the amount of vehicle number plate thefts and subsequent follow up offences in the Canberra region. Stolen number plates are often used to commit crimes such as petrol drive-offs, burglaries and traffic offences.

Bring your car down to Regatta Place car park between 10am and 4pm and have your vehicle plates fitted, for free, with tamper-proof screws by ACT Policing officers.

Constable Kenny Koala and his friends will also be there to entertain the kids, and you can pick up a free ice scraper and Constable Kenny goodies.

In 2014, ACT Policing officers fitted more than 1,700 vehicles with tamper proof screws and a total of 858 number plates were stolen in Canberra. This is a decrease of 379 thefts from the previous year (2013).

By reducing the opportunity for criminals through Project Safe Plate to source legitimate number plates, ACT Policing aims to reduce many crime types and create a safer and securer community.

If your number plates are stolen, report it to ACT Policing on 131 444.


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