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ACTIVE Day: Pilates with Gabrielle Petterwood

Join us on ACTIVE Day for 45 minutes of Pilates with Gabrielle Petterwood.

Gabs is a Project Fitness instructor who’s currently studying Exercise Physiology and Rehabilitation.

She believes that exercise, health and fitness is essential for living a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and is passionate about teaching people to create this balance.

Gabs thinks fitness should encompass all areas of training, including resistance training, flexibility, and balance. She creates movements to enhance every day living, in turn achieving a happier and healthier head space.

Gabrielle is a huge fan of Pilates, a method of art through controlled movements resulting in a workout to improve flexibility, strength, and endurance of the entire body. In this class, you’ll learn to activate, engage and work the core and surrounding stabilizers to improve posture, performance and every day movements.

Tickets available online.


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