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ACTIVE Week: Bilbys Triathlon Club

Canberra Bilbys Triathlon Club is a friendly club catering for complete beginners and seasoned triathletes alike.


The Canberra Bilbys Triathlon Club is offering a free running session.


On Tuesday night the Club does a running training session. You’ll start with a slow jog as a warm-up, do some stretches and ‘run-throughs’ focusing on good technique, and then do an interval running session around an oval. The intervals range from 100m to 1,000m and you can choose your own adventure between Extra Short (running up to 3km in the session) and Long (running up to 20km in the session).

They cater for all levels of fitness, ranging from elite level athletes to people looking to spend less time on the couch. There’s a dinner being held after the session that’s a great opportunity to get to know people and find out more about training, triathlon, and the Club.


To register, email [email protected]

More information about the Club is available on their website and Facebook page. You do not have to be a triathlete or interested in competing to join the Club.


Lyneham Oval 202