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ACTIVE Week: Bodhifit Studio

Bodhifit is a mother daughter duo who have both practiced hatha yoga for a number of years.

After completing a teacher training course with the Samyama yoga School and experiencing a year of transformating through their course, Sophie and Chey have come together to create Bodhifit: a place where you can go along, switch off from the world and work with your mind and body.

Free classes

Monday 13 November: 6-7pm – Hatha Yoga
Tuesday 14 November: 6:30-7:30pm – Yoga by Lights
Thursday 16 November: 6-7pm – Hatha Yoga
Friday 17 November: 6:15-7:05am – Yoga Sculpt
Friday 17 November: 9:30-10:30am – Hatha Yoga
Saturday 18 November: 8-9am – Hatha Yoga
Saturday 18 November: 9-9:50am – Yoga Sculpt
Sunday 19 November: 9-10am – Hatha Yoga

What to expect

Hatha Yoga is all about improving your strength, flexibility, coordination, balance static and dynamic endurance. It will work on destressing and consciously relaxing your body and mind Throughout the class you will also work with realigning your joints, learning about Chinese meridians and working with your organ health. Finish the class with a relaxing yoga nidra practice.

Yoga Sculpt is a 50-minute class that is all about lengthening, toning your body and learning to activate the correct uscles. Working with slower and controlled movements which will target specific areas of the body, this class will especially focus around the hips, thighs, butt, abs and arms to creat tone, deep definition and stability within your body.


Email [email protected] or book online at www.bodhifitstudio.com

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