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ACTIVE Week: Canberra BMX

Canberra BMX is a welcoming and friendly club with riders of all ages and skill levels, and would love to add to their booming female participation!

ACTIVE Week offer

Canberra BMX are running a free ‘Come and Try’ evening on Wednesday 15 November

What to expect

Attendees will be taught BMX bike & safety gear basics before being guided through coach-led stations designed to build confidence and skill, before being offered opportunities to ride parts of the track, or the whole track, including the start gate. Riders should wear long sleeve shirt and long pants, enclosed shoes, and bring long-finger gloves if they have those. Bring a BMX or mountain bike if you have one, though the club has BMX bikes and BMX helmets for loan.


Register by emailing [email protected], or calling 0411 438 839

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