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ACTIVE Week: Canberra Cascades

If you love to swim, like music and dance and are interested in gymnastics, then chances are you will love artistic swimming.

It is a fun sport which combines all of these elements. It is a dynamically beautiful, yet physically demanding sport consisting of free and creative routines synchronized to music for solos, duets and teams of four or more, plus figures and technical routines which include required elements.

Canberra Cascades Artistic Swimming Club is a non-profit, parent-run organisation. It strives to provide a positive and cooperative atmosphere for participants in the sport of artistic swimming by assisting athletes to achieve their full potential.

Free Try Synchro Day

Saturday 18 November: 11am-12pm

What to expect

At this FREE class, swimmers will try a sample Synchro Lessons, touching the basics of synchro skills and have lots of fun!

What to bring to the first class:
Bathing Suit
Bathing Cap
Sandals & towel
Yoga matt
Water bottle


Register by emailing [email protected] with your name

Bookings must be made in advance for all trial classes, capacity is limited.


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