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ACTIVE Week: Change Coaching Australia

Change Coaching Australia’s mission is to inspire and connect a community that values healthy lifestyle, personal growth and creativity.

Our in-house services include:
CARDIOBOX (individual and group fitness)
WELLNESS MATTERS (wellness coaching)
SOMATIC SUCCESS (personal training)
MOSS & METAL (handcrafted jewellery, keepsakes and floral arrangements)

We recognise that to achieve your goals you may need support from other professionals, so we have also built a network of external change technicians (service providers) willing to offer you their expertise at discounted rates. Their services include but are not limited to: nutrition, psychology, physiotherapy, massage, soft tissue treatment, exercise physiology, make up and personal styling (see our website for a full list). We will work in consultation with you and each other to create a support network to encourage you to reach your goals.

ACTIVE Week offer

During ACTIVE Week, Change Coaching Australia are offering readers a free CARDIOBOX personal training session and/or WELLNESS MATTERS individual coaching session.

What to expect


CARDIOBOX is a fun and motivating way to exercise in a relaxed and supportive environment.

Classes involve padwork drills and combinations and are individually paced, catering for all fitness levels, abilities and experience. Activities can be performed at a high intensity with minimal impact to the lower body, accommodating individuals carrying excess weight and those with lower limb injuries or disabilities.

CARDIOBOX can increase cardiovascular fitness; contribute to fat loss; build muscle tone; increase speed, agility and strength; improve balance, coordination and cognition; build bone density; reduce stress and anxiety and improve quality of sleep.

CARDIOBOX is beneficial as a stand alone activity and is also an excellent cross training tool, complimenting most other physical activities such as dance, martial arts and team sport.


Wellness coaching is a one on one conversation between you and your coach about your health and wellbeing. A wellness coach’s fundamental role is to support you to identify a vision and achievable goals for your health and wellbeing.

If you are struggling to lose weight; managing a chronic condition; preventing a chronic condition from manifesting or if you are in good health and simply want more, WELLNESS MATTERS is for you.

Sarah Berenson is a qualified and experienced wellness coach, mediator and personal trainer. She will support you to adopt an ACTIVE mindset. In your session you will be guided to:

  • assess various areas of your health and wellbeing
  • identity steps to achieving your health, fitness, nutrition and overall lifestyle goals


Register for CARDIOBOX or WELLNESS MATTERS online.


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