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ACTIVE Week: Form Fitness

Form Fitness is on a mission to give people what they need physically and mentally to make long lasting positive changes.

They believe the value of a family or tribe is an integral part of someone making a healthy lifestyle transformation. Focusing most of their weekly classes on Small Group Training, they take the benefits of technique work, fat loss and personalised programming and mesh it into small groups creating a motivating group environment with like minded people that help you be accountable to your goals.

Inform. Perform. Transform. Form believe with the right environment anyone can make a positive change. No goal is too out of reach and all fitness levels are welcome.

ACTIVE Week offer

HerCanberra readers are invited to enjoy a free week of training at Form Fitness during ACTIVE Week.

There are a range of sessions available from 5.30am-6.30pm:

Small group training (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri)
Circuits -conditioning / HIIT (Wed and Saturday)

Yoga (Tues and Thurs)

What to expect

Small Group Training is a group session working on personalised programming set up for individual goals and fitness levels. You will be in a group of like minded individuals, while we work closely with you to ensure you are using correct technique, getting all the help and guidance you need. Accountability and support from the Small Group Training sessions will help you get the results you desire.

Other classes that complement the Small Group Training are as follows:
Yoga: a Vinyasa flow style yoga class great for balance, flexibility, relaxation and recovery
Circuits: a variety of high intensity exercises including body weight and resistance exercises. A great fat burning, strength building, cardiovascular training session. Our circuits are suited to all fitness levels.

Up to 25 sessions to choose from, most sessions are 60 minutes, including warm up and cool down, and lunch time yoga is 45 minutes. All levels welcome, from advanced to complete beginners.


To register for classes, download the free ‘Form Fitness HLC’ app in the app store and book in to the class. You will be asked to create a log in, and there will be a ‘book now pay later’ option which you can select to get your free pass.

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