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ACTIVE Week: Frisky Fitness

Do you want more energy, to be more active and stay fit and healthy throughout your pregnancy and beyond? Well, come and get Frisky!

Daniela started Frisky Fitness because she is passionate about health and fitness and has met so many people who desperately want to make healthier changes to their lifestyle but just don’t have the information or support to get them started and keep them motivated.

She wanted to specialise in pre and post natal exercise because after being pregnant with her daughter, Dani realised just how important it is to remain active and look after you, your baby and your body while it goes through the major changes that come with pregnancy. She wants to help empower women through exercise and show them the benefits of maintaining their fitness throughout pregnancy so they not only feel amazing but strong and ready for labour and motherhood.

Free classes

Frisky Fitness is offering you a Free Class Pass during ACTIVE Week to one of the following classes:

Thursday 16 November: 6pm – Frisky FIT
Friday 17 November: 5:30pm – Frisky Mumma
Saturday 18 November: 10:45am – Frisky Mumma
Sunday 19 November: 10:45am – Frisky Mumma

What to expect

Frisky Mumma
Specialising in pre and post natal fitness, Frisky Mumma classes are aimed at both pregnant and post partum women; helping you stay fit and healthy throughout each stage of your pregnancy and beyond. This class will focus on core stability, pelvic floor and strengthening your body with specific exercises using a fit ball, resistance bands and weights, to target muscles that will be used for everyday things like lifting, feeding, changing and playing with your baby!

Frisky FIT
For those who don’t fit into the pre/post natal category – Frisky FIT is a small group functional class (no more than 6) using equipment such as kettle bells, TRX, battle ropes and more. The class will include cardio and strength exercises and is sure to make you sweat and burn some calories.

Frisky fitness feature


Book online at using the Free Trial booking option.

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