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ACTIVE Week: Kangatraining

Kangatraining – a safe, low impact exercise for postnatal mums to enjoy with their babies.

Free classes

Playground Training are offering a free Kangatraining trial class to HerCanberra readers during ACTIVE Week

Monday 13 November at 11:30am-12:30pm at Mitchell
Thursday 16 November at 9:30-10:30am in Downer

What to expect

Kangatraining is unique because it allows mother and baby to exercise TOGETHER. Kangatraining is a complete workout for mums, but unlike traditional classes, new mums don’t need to worry about finding a care for their little ones as they carry their babies on them while they are working out.

This cautious and effective program was specifically designed for postnatal mothers, incorporating just the right amount of cardio and strength training for a return to exercise. It concentrates on gently and safely, re-strengthening the abdominal area and pelvic floor muscles all the while protecting those tight areas (wrists, shoulders, necks) that can develop from daily life with a baby.

There are so many benefits associated with Kangatraining: Promotes a closer bond between mother and baby Provides an opportunity for social interaction and meeting new friends. No need to leave your baby in care, your baby is a part of the experience Assists with the release of endorphins from exercising helping alleviate postnatal depression, anxiety, sleep deprivation and generally making for a happier healthier mumma! Gives the mother some time out to do something for her baby, herself, her body. Offers baby wearing education from a qualified Kangatrainer, helping new mothers learn how to safely and correctly carry their baby.

And most importantly… it’s SUPER fun! Come try a class today!


To register is via email [email protected], visit the Playground Training website  or Facebook

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