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Canberra Walk & Ride Week: Active Travel Film Night

An evening celebration of active travel with films from the National Film and Sound Archives vault.

Boccioni’s Bike (1981) is an animated, hand-drawn lyrical interpretation in the graphic style of the Italian futurists, notably Umberto Boccioni’s “Four studies of the dynamism of a bicyclist”. A rider on a bicycle rides to an integrative field of force vectors. A homage to the wheel and to rotational movement as the basis of our passing mechanical culture. Accompanied by the sounds of a futurist orchestra. (9 minutes)

Look After Your Bicycle (1971) shows the importance of proper care of a bicycle for safety. For children. (7 minutes)

Take a Ride (1978) explains that because of increased traffic congestion, State Governments are taking new initiatives in transport planning, especially in the area of public transport. Looks at the different transport systems in each state, and improvements planned. (25 minutes)

Bicycle (1972) creates poetic impressions of bicycle riding by South Australian film maker, Steve Knapman. (1 minute)

BMX Bandits (1983) is a fast paced and economically realised teen drama that focuses on three young BMX bike enthusiasts who become entangled with a group of bank robbers after discovering a carton of walkie-talkies. (90 minutes)

This event is free but bookings are required. More information here.


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