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Canned Heat

Think of blues and boogie, one of the first names that come to mind is none other than Canned Heat. The band has been around for 50 years now – an incredible achievement – and the best part is: they’ve still got it. Still vibrant, energetic and as tight as they were back in the day, Canned Heat have worked hard and created their own legacy. As a part of this landmark achievement, Canned Heat will make their long awaited return to Australian shores in October 2015.

Canned Heat rose to fame because their knowledge and love of blues music was both wide and deep. The band have an amazing 32 studio albums, alongside 10 live albums, and several other releases and collaborations with other artists. They truly are a one of a kind band, and their hard work and dedication is what has seen them stay in the scene 50 years on. They are well loved all over the world, and they have achieved everything a blues rock band could achieve.

Canned Heat is still going strong.They have been anchored throughout the past 45 years by the steady hand of drummer/band leader Adolfo “Fito” de la Parra. Their accolades are endless, the work they have done can be listed forever, and the amount of influence they have had in the blues/boogie scene is incredible. They are one of the most influential and inspiring bands in the world. Right from the start, they knew what they were doing, and where the wanted to be. Every member knew their role and every member was a star.

Their enchanting live shows featuring all their hits (Going up the Country, On The Road Again, Lets Work Together), spontaneous jam sessions and loving crowd interaction ensures a night that can never be forgotten. One thing is for sure, the Canned Heat legacy is sure to live on forever.


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