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Click + Connect: Mixing It Up with White Rabbit Cocktail Room

We all know it can sometimes be tricky to make friends in Canberra.

Perhaps you’ve moved here and haven’t found someone you’ve clicked with; maybe you’ve moved on from a long time friendship that just doesn’t seem right anymore; or it could be that you’re in a different life stage than your current group of friends.

Whatever the reason, when we published Emma Grey’s article on feeling left out and invited to people to email us if they were interested in coming along to an event where they could meet new people, we were absolutely gobsmacked by the overwhelming and immediate response.

More recently, Tanya Hennessy’s article on spending her weekends alone went viral and saw a whole new crew of people joining our Click + Connect Facebook group.

So here’s our latest ‘Click + Connect’ event…no, it’s not a Coles grocery ordering service; it’s a night where you can chat to some lovely HerCanberra readers and hopefully make some new besties!

We are ‘mixing it up’ and bringing you a night of mingling, eating and cocktail creating! White Rabbit Cocktail Room is hidden in the heart of Canberra and welcomes all those who come with young hearts and curious minds.

You’ll learn the tricks of the trade as you get behind the bar and create your very own ‘HerCanberra’ cocktail. You’ll then be able to sit back, enjoy your cocktail creation and mingle while enjoying some of White Rabbit’s sweet and savoury platters.

A great way to have a few laughs, meet new people and leave knowing how to create the perfect cocktail!

Please note: this is a women’s only 18+ event.

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