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Exclusive masterclass with Rashedul Hasan

Growing up in Bangladesh’s bustling capital Dhaka, Rashedul says his childhood was vibrant, fun and noisy, raised in a family compound with all of his uncles, aunts and cousins. He says his fondest memories are family arriving from different areas of Bangladesh for feasts and family dinners, with often up to 100 guests celebrating together.

Rashedul Hasan is amongst the top 24 Contestants of MasterChef Australia 2017. Though he did not survive till the last episode, he is still following his dream. In his own words “The best part about making mistakes is that, if you take it the right way, you can learn and grow from it. Most of the time, mistakes are the starting point rather than the end”.

Rashed is coming to Canberra to conduct an exclusive cooking workshop for SiTara’s Story. Funds raised through ticket purchase will go toward a project of creating Mental Health Awareness among underprivileged girls of Bangladesh. This will help to prevent suicides among teenagers in Bangladesh. This will give the registrants a unique opportunity to learn and dine with the talented 2017 MasterChef contestant Rashed, whilst making a significant impact.

Happening Sunday 26 November from 10am – 2pm at CIT Apprentice Kitchen, Ground Floor, K Block, 37 Constitution Avenue, Reid. 


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