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Fix and Make: The Love of Things panel discussion

It’s a tale of cheap but wild romance.

Department stores, strip malls, online shops, arcades, shopping centres… Our urban landscapes and digital worlds are filled with places that are filled with things for us to buy. This panel discussion at Hotel Hotel will lift the lid on why we buy, the impact both bad and good and how our purchasing decisions are influenced.

Join a diverse and distinguished panel of leaders including hoarding and obsessive-compulsive disorders specialist Professor Mike Kyrios, product designer with a social conscience Russel Koskela, craft and design authority Avi Amesbury and environmentalist and circular economy expert Tim Silverwood.

Moderated by: Genevieve Jacobs of 666ABC.

Cost: $25 / $15 concession, ticket price includes a drink.

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Professor Mike Kyrios, Director of the Research School of Psychology ANU and President of the Australian Psychological Society, knows more than most about the problems caused by our love of things. Mike will share his insights in to obsessive-compulsive disorders, including compulsive hoarding and buying, and some of the treatments and techniques used to respond to the sickness caused by the inescapable wave of consumerism that stalks us daily.

Russel Koskeladesigner and owner of retailer and workshop haven Koskela, loves things: things that are a joy to touch and use, things that give pleasure to the eye, things that support Australian makers including marginalised communities. Russel is a new breed of entrepreneur, proof that making things that people love can be a force for positive social change. He will reveal how a passion for things doesn’t have to mean a compromise of our ideals.

Avi Amesbury, Craft ACT CEO and Artistic Director, will shed light on the importance of loving things; things made by the leading craftspeople of Canberra. With a watchful eye and busy hands, Avi is at the sharp end of ensuring that a thriving, secure craft community means a stronger, richer, more diverse and resilient Canberra community. Avi will reveal her unswerving commitment to demonstrating the value of the well crafted, and how things well loved are a win for us all.

Tim Silverwood, environmentalist and circular economy expert, will be talking about the downstream implications of our purchases and what happens after our love affair with an object is over. Tim launched the global beach clean up movement Take 3 For The Sea as a response to the increasing problem of post-consumer waste entering our oceans and waterways, and is currently campaigning for Australia to follow America’s lead on banning micro-beads in consumer products. Tim has a keen eye for how to respond to the impact of a voracious consumer society through simple, motivating actions that give people a feeling that they can get involved and make a difference. His latest project ReChusable, provides alternatives to single use disposable products.

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