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Future State of the Territory 2017

About the future, for the future, the Future State of the Territory on December 5 from 5.30 pm at Dairy Road is a mix of talks and debate on technology and democracy, media and branding, identity and inclusivity, smart cities… and our city – Canberra.

The 2017 theme is change

Canberra. Australia’s first knowledge economy, the original smart, is increasingly defined by these two words. Original – discovering the unknown first, be it in the depths of space or the leafy labs of universities, the exchange of ideas in the laneways of civic or the shiny-floored halls of institutes. Smart – becoming a smart city, excelling in real and artificial intelligence, using our innate sense of democracy, fairness and inclusivity to make big decisions, our proven collective brain power to solve the world’s challenges.

Debates facilitated by the ACT Chief Minister on how our city makes the most of its unique assets, how leaders can represent the needs of all levels of society, how Canberra can continue to ensure our reach always exceeds our grasp.

Award-winning advertising guru Dee Madigan [Campaign Edge, ABC Gruen panellist, SKY commentator] will explore how to make change happen. So many of the big issues from gender to marriage equality, climate change to STEM subject take-up, are not utilising the skills of those who excel at change: communicators, marketers, storytellers, advertisers. Dee will give tips on how to influence change to create the future.

About the future for the future by the future. In addition to those involved with FutureNet, you will meet other young people’s groups to network and find out more information about what they do.

Brodburger, Capital Brewing Co. & VertiKal. Your ticket includes food by Brodburger, a drink by Capital Brewing Co. and demonstration at Canberra’s amazing, new indoor ski venue – VertiKal.

Get your tickets now for one of the hottest events of the year!

The Future of Canberra

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