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Geoscience Australia Open Day 2015

Geoscience Australia will be celebrating National Science Week 2015 by hosting its annual Open Day. We welcome the community to come along and learn about the exciting range of work carried out by Australia’s national geoscience agency.

Geoscience Australia’s Open Day offers a diverse program of free hands-on activities, science displays and talks for all ages.

This year’s Open Day will highlight the value of Geoscience Australia’s work, which will enable us to explain to our visitors how our work is:

·         Building Australia’s Resource Wealth

·         Ensuring Australia’s Community Safety

·         Securing Australia’s Water Resources

·         Managing Australia’s Marine Jurisdictions

·         Providing Fundamental Geographic Information

·         Maintaining Geoscience Knowledge and Capability

The roving Erth dinosaur will also be back by popular demand.

A range of short 15 minute Science Talks will be presented by various Geoscience Australia experts throughout the day.

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