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Heart and Home at Chairman and Yip

Chairman and Yip are hosting a sentimental foodie experience like no other this August and September with their Heart & Home dinners.

“This menu is inspired by our families- our mothers, aunties and grandmothers, those who taught us to love food and who showed us their love through the food they made.

Daily trips to the markets in Hong Kong- carefully selecting the freshest ingredients by inspecting, smelling, squeezing and tasting.We have been taught by our elders how to tell what is best, what is fresh, how to tell if someone is cheating you and how to deal with them!

The day’s meals will be decided based on what ingredients are best that day, drawing from the great archive of memorised recipes passed on from generation to generation. Food with history, regional and family recipes refined over time. These recipes are part of our story, where our families have come from and what they have lived.This is food made to sustain us, body and soul. Quality ingredients, treated with care and enhanced with traditional flavours and methods.

Grandma’s Spicy Sweet Vinegar Chicken, Auntie’s Taro Cakes, Mum’s Congee- the dishes we ate as children, made as a special occasion treat, after-school snacks or to comfort us when we were sick. They remind us of our loved ones, those that cared for us. Those who are still the masters of the kitchen even in their nineties, issuing directions, performing strict quality control and still chopping garlic or vegetables with a cleaver that are finer than any gadget. Those who still roll the most uniform and perfect dumplings, noodles and buns… and who are quick to point out when yours are not up to scratch! Those whose food is warm, hearty, comforting and full of love.”


Chairman and Yip’s Heart & Home is happening Thursday 25 August until Saturday 3 September only and spaces are limited. For more information and to book tables, click here:


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