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Interesting People doing Interesting Things

Interesting People doing Interesting Things’ is the theme for the upcoming Festival of Ambitious Ideas, a showcase of Canberra’s innovators, game-changers and status quo challengers to be held on the 27th October.

The event is designed to be fast-paced, informal and fun and follows the Ignite format where speakers each only have five minutes to tell their story and ‘ignite’ the audience. 

The twelve speakers are: 

1.       Michael Tear, Wildbear – Selling Stories

2.       Peter McKie, iSimulate – Turning medical simulation upside down

3.       Miles Jakeman, Citadel Group – Being an Entrepreneur… the good and the bad

4.       Bree Winchester, Canberra Times – Fountain of Youth

5.       David Edwards, automed – Lifting the lid on livestock medication

6.       Dennis McNevin, University of Canberra – Genetic Ancestry Lab

7.       Andrew Marriott, The Film Distillery – Hollywood Improved (and in Canberra)

8.       Phil Preston, Red Robot Industries – How to make stuff in Canberra and sell it across the world

9.       Julie Nichols, The Local Larder – From Market to the Larder

10.   Mark Cartwright, Royal Australian Mint – Is cash still king?

11.   Andrew Snell, Rollercoaster Digital – Stop stealing my time!

12.   Dan Tarasenko, Crowd Carnivore – Meating the Market

Head to Eventbrite to purchase tickets. 


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