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Love Your Sisters’ Big Heart Project

Connie’s health is in decline and she’s slowly succumbing to the perils of cancer. She is beyond treatment now. But before she goes, she is determined to break a world record of her own, to match her brother’s.

She has called it The Big Heart Project and it will be Connie’s final fundraising act for Love Your Sister before she retires to be with her nearest and dearest.

The world record for longest line of coins stands at 75.4kms and is held by a town in Austria.  To break the record, Connie needs to collect 3.951 million five-cent coins!

Thousands of families around the country have already purchased metres ($2.90) and Connie will lay the coins in the shape of a MASSIVE love heart, visible from space, this coming May 10, at the Lyneham Netball Courts in her hometown of Canberra.

Schools nationally are participating in ‘Five Cent Fridays’ and Bendigo Bank are providing a collection depot at each of their branches. The Royal Australian Mint are supplying the coins and Questacon have tasked their best scientists and mathematicians with the mechanics.

Most importantly though, 100% of every donated coin will be passed on to the country’s best cancer researchers, IN FULL.

You can donate a metre ($2.90) for a cancer-y loved one HERE!

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