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Making do: ‘Jugaad’ with Trent Jansen

Design anthropologist, Trent Jansen will teach the ad hoc making and repair process of ‘Jugaad’ – the Indian notion of doing just enough with what you have on hand and figuring it out as you go. Over three hours, workshop participants will improvise with approaches to object making and repair based on what’s around and current moods. Alongside Trent, Canberra-based sculptor Jeremy Lepisto will help with workarounds, problem solving and to share his making knowledge.

This workshop is held in conjunction with the ‘Porosity Kabari’ exhibition at Nishi Gallery. This show displays the results of an interdisciplinary, cross-cultural project between Australian object designer Trent Jansen, artist/architect Richard Goodwin, and Indian design thinker Ishan Khosla. The trio worked over three weeks to produce furniture and object pieces made from materials sourced solely from the ‘Chor Bazaar’ (thieves market) and ‘Kabari Bazaars’ (junk markets) in Mumbai, India.

Hotel Hotel’s ‘Making Do’ Fix and Make series looks at alternative ways of making and repairing objects and is designed to encourage us to consider the objects that already surround us in new ways.

Tickets are $55 and can be purchased from Eventbrite.


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