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Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen: Album Launch

From one of Australia’s most magnetic live acts – Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen – comes a compelling new show telling a forgotten story.

“After the Flood” was inspired by a residency in the Snowy Mountains  exploring the dark and troubled stories of the many migrants who came to the Snowies to work on the Snowy Hydro Scheme in the 60s. The men often saw no light for days but were very popular with the local ladies because they dressed sharp and danced well, and at one time the small rural town of Cooma had more nightclubs than anywhere else in Australia apart from Kings Cross.

Led by the irrepressible Mikelangelo – crooner, troubadour and raconteur – songs of shattered dreams, illicit love and bittersweet hopes rise and fall.In this new album The Black Sea Gentlemen also shine as formidable artists, songwriters and hilarious entertainers in their own right.

One Sheet Black Sea Gentlemen

There’s the visceral Euro-Bluegrass attack of Little Ivan’s Right Hand Man; the swinging 60’s nightclub call and response of Rufino’s Handsome and Highwired; The Great Muldavio’s charming absurdist call to arms Like A Wolf; and Guido’s chilling Hitchcock-esque epitaph, Guido’s Farewell.

From the Sydney Opera House to London’s West End to Budapest, the acclaimed Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen have dazzled them all, featuring at Sydney Festival, Edinburgh Festival, Melbourne International Arts Festival, Darwin Festival and Auckland Festival and so many more since they began their world-wide take-over in 2000.

Touting consistent rave reviews, sell out shows, a die hard international and national fanbase and multiple awards including the Green Room award and Time Out London critics choice, there is nothing quite like them in the world.From bittersweet dark lullabies to alt-country twang and Pogues like swagger, this new show has it all and is set against the backdrop of a vintage 60s era nightclub with the audience key players too.  It’s all pure seduction, and just when their music touches the shadows, it then journeys to the quixotic and phantasmagorical, surprising you into peels of laughter. If Mikelangelo and the Gentleman show up in your town, all anybody will say is, make sure you get a seat.

After the Flood’s album launch will take place on Wednesday 10 June 8pm at the White Eagle Polish Club in O’Connor.

Book your ticket HERE, or see Mikelangelo’s website for more details: www.mikelangelo.net.au


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