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Movie night fundraiser for ground-breaking breast cancer research

In March 2015, HerCanberra featured Dr Sudha Rao as one of our 15 Women to Watch in 2015 for her ground-breaking research into preventing breast cancer recurrence and tackling ovarian cancer.

Dr Rao says, “There is currently no therapy to fight recurrent, metastatic breast cancer, which is the major source of death in women with breast cancer. Furthermore, current first-line treatments have extensive side-effects. We are determined to fix that.”

Her team focuses on cancer stem cells. These cells are resilient to current cancer treatments. Even after successful chemotherapy, cancer stem cells remain dormant and can lead to cancer re-occurrence. These secondary cancers are often in other parts of the body and can be more aggressive.

Already, the team has identified a drug that blocks stem cell proteins in breast cancer and reverts the cancerous stem cells to normal cells. When the drug is combined with chemotherapy, a lower dose of the chemotherapy drugs is required.

The resulting treatment is proving to be more effective, has fewer side effects, and prevents the re-occurrence of cancer elsewhere in the body. Trials continue and it is hoped this treatment will be available to breast cancer patients in as little as 2 – 3 years.

Dr Rao’s team believes the same approach could be applicable to other aggressive cancers, including pancreatic and ovarian cancer, but the team needs further funding to continue.

You can help support this incredibly important, ground-breaking work by attending a movie fundraising night at Palace Electric Cinemas on Wednesday 14 October from 6 pm – 9 pm. Enjoy a movie (Decoding Annie Parker), pre-session drinks, nibbles and a choc top as well hear directly from Dr Rao about her research. A raffle with great prizes will also be held on the night.

the essentials
What: Movie night fundraiser for ground-breaking breast cancer research
Where: Palace Electric Cinemas, New Acton.
When: Wednesday 14 October, 6 – 9 pm
How much: $60

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