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Oncology Massage Conference

Oncology Massage Training is a nationally and internationally recognised not for profit training charity. It is dedicated to training fully qualified massage and Bowen therapists to treat those with a diagnosis or history of cancer effectively and safely. It aims to ensure national benchmarks and standards of care are met by its therapists.

Find out more about the conference here: www.oncologymassagetraining.com.au

Read more about Oncology Massage here: hercanberra.com.au/cplife/oncology-massage-easing-the-pain-of-others

Conference Program

Below is a list of the conference speakers and the titles of their presentations. For the full conference program, please click here. Click on the name of each speaker to read their full profile and a summary of their presentation.

Thursday 27th October
Eleanor Oyston: Oncology Massage Ltd Founder
Presentation title: Lifting the bar: Research into the role of Oncology Massage in Australia
William Collinge: Researcher and developer of the Touch, Caring and Cancer Program
Presentation title: Integrative Therapies in Palliative Care
Presentation title: The Aware Health Professional
Presentation title: Dying to Talk
Sara Fleming: Nurse Practitioner (Clinical Lead), Paediatric Palliative Care, Women’s and Children’s Health Network
Presentation title: Professional Connections with Heart

Friday 28th October
Prof Neil Piller: Lymphologist & Director of the Lymphoedema Research Unit, Flinders Uni
Presentation title: The Sewerage System of our Body: Causes and consequences of its failure to function
Presentation title: The Impact of Oncology Massage on Wellness in a Hospital Setting
Ronna Moore: OMT, Palliative Care Specialist & Member of AAMT Research Forum
Presentation title: Wonder: A Personal Narrative of Massage Therapy
Lauren Cates: Healwell Founder and Facilitator
Presentation title: The Promise of Massage Therapy in an Unhealthy World
Presentation title: Oncology Esthetics
Belinda Hawkins: P.S.H. Therapist and Founder of Embracing Chemo
Presentation title: The Emotional Brain: Implications for healing – present, past and future

Saturday 29th October
William Collinge and Maggie Donahue: Touch, Caring and Cancer Pogram Leaders
Workshop title: Bringing “Touch, Caring and Cancer” into Your Community
Kerry Jordan and Lucille Eddy: Healwell Facilitators
Workshop title: Incorporating Gentle Scar Tissue Mobilization into Your Oncology Massage


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