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Teen Girls Need To See Through Fake News

The Internet and social media are saturated with inaccurate news, sensationalised stories, pristine paparazzi photos, instacelebs and high profile influencers. It is a hyper connected, seductive, media world we live in.

It’s not illegal to have an opinion or say things that are inaccurate. Propaganda and fake news have always existed but the Internet takes it to a whole new level. Is it all fake news or can we sift through it and find meaning?

Our digital savvy teen generation teach us how to screen shot and swipe left. But we need to teach them to become their own fact finders first. Let’s empower our youth to think creatively and critically about what they see, hear and read.

This free workshop is part of the Canberra Writers Festival. Helen Roe, writer and marketer, shares insights from her book GirlTribes, a teen girls guide to surviving and thriving in our media-marketing world.

You’ll learn strategies and tools to empower young girls to confidently navigate their always on digital lives and make smart, informed choices.

This workshop is for parents, carers, educators and teachers of tween and young teen girls. There will also be an opportunity for Q&A at the end of the workshop.

 Happening from 10am – 11am Saturday 26 August at the National Library of Australia, Parkes Place, Canberra. Register here: FREE


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