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The Empire Strips Back

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, there was a dream, a dream of a man who had too much time on his hands, that man was Russall S. Beattie.

His dream was to take a small obscure almost forgotten sci-fi property by the name of “Star Wars” and create a burlesque show out of it. That dream became a reality and took the name “THE EMPIRE STRIPS BACK – A Star Wars Burlesque Parody”.

Now years later, Star Wars fever is upon us, with many people linking the burlesque powerhouse event with the return of Star Wars to the public consciousness.

Never one to shy away from exploiting hype, it is almost time for Episode VII! Anyone who has seen the show knows that each Empire Strips Back is constantly evolving to become bigger and crazier than ever. The Empire Strips Back takes the classic characters from the beloved Star Wars film franchise, and drops them into the world of Burlesque, creating a show like no other.

Having gained a reputation for fantastical ideas, Russall S. Beattie has turned The Empire Strips Back into a journey of its own; evolving in different ways every time the show returns. The Empire Strips Back takes the classic characters from the beloved Star Wars franchise and brings them to life. As is the nature of live entertainment, no two shows are the same, but the result is always a delighted, cheerful and fanatic audience and show.

If you’ve missed The Empire Strips Back in the past, you do not want to miss this opportunity. And just like the movies, if you’ve seen it before, it promises to be just as entertaining the last time around.

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