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The Macadames’ Chiaroscuro food photography retreat in Berry

The Macadames blog and lead photographer Anisa Sabet are excited to announce they will be hosting the Chiaroscuro Food Photography Retreat in Berry, NSW from 28-30 April 2017.

Chiaroscuro Food Photography Retreat will be the very first time Valentina Solfrini (of Hortus Cuisine) and Zaira Zarotti (of The Freaky Table ), two world-renowned Italian photographers, stylists and bloggers have visited Australia.  As Valentina has recently been nominated for the second time in the Saveur Blog Awards, for Best Food Photography this retreat will be an exciting and one-off opportunity for guests to meet and learn from these leaders in visual storytelling.

The event is designed to be an all-inclusive getaway and education retreat, ideal for both beginner and experienced photographers, or someone who simply wants to slow down, refresh, hone their style and emerge themselves in food culture. The practicum taught at the retreat will be;

  • Photography basics
  • Styling and prop selection
  • Using florals to create beautiful scenes
  • The chiaroscuro style of photography (renaissance artistic style using bold contrasts between light and dark)
  • Photo editing and preset building
  • Social media marketing
  • Business strategy
  • Cooking and cake decorating
  • Table styling
  • Floral foraging
  • And more

The retreat welcomes anyone wanting to explore their creativity, through to professionals wanting to develop their career in food styling, photography or blogging.  All classes will be immersive, hands-on and a way for the guests to experience the process of visual storytelling in an intimate environment and with the guidance of experienced professionals.

“Guests walk away with clarity around their individual journey, more confidence in their own abilities, fizzing with creativity and of course, lasting friendships,” says host and curator Anisa Sabet says. “Chiaroscuro Food Photography Retreat is about bringing together like minded creatives for a few days of feasting, laughing, sharing and learning.”

Tickets for the event are on sale now on The Macadames website.

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