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Wanderlust 108

The World’s Only Mindful Triathlon.

Wanderlust 108 combines three mindful activities—running, yoga, and meditation—in your favourite local park. Like life itself, this triathlon is all about the journey, not the final destination. It’s a celebration of the mindful movement, a chance to ground down so you can rise to even greater heights.

5K – Part 1

This is a 5K (+/-) your way, so don’t sweat it. Or do. Run or walk, prance or skip, stroll, or strut—we don’t mind. Just make it to the finish line.

YOGA – Part 2

75 minutes of DJ-powered yoga will get you in the mood to flow. That’s the Wanderlust way. Whether it’s your first or 500th time on you mat, you’ll find your true rhythm.


Bliss out in a group meditation to clear your mind, relax your body, and complete the mindful triathlon.


The day doesn’t stop there. Chill out in our Kombucha Garden, stop by our Mindful Marketplace with local vendors, head to your scheduled activity, and drop by a bonus activity or two, should your heart desire.

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