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Writing with Influence Workshop with Paul Jones

Whether you love it or hate it, research shows you probably spend 35–70 percent of your day writing.

And the most important things you write are persuasive: trying to convince your boss to accept your proposal, a potential client to do business with you, or your team to adopt a new system.

The more ‘yeses’ you get, the more effective and successful you are.

So it’s good to know persuasion isn’t just an art; it’s a science too. Learn the science, apply the principles, and you’ll be more influential. Period.

In this fast-moving workshop from Business Chicks, Paul Jones will outline the six universal persuasion principles discovered by acclaimed social scientist, Dr Robert Cialdini, and help you apply them to your writing at work.

If you want more kick from your keyboard, don’t miss this. It isn’t a course in writing. It’s a course in psychology and leadership, applied to writing. Regardless of your level or title, if you need to influence or persuade, this is the perfect way to supercharge your professional development.

About your presenter

Paul Jones (Director, Magneto Communications and co-founder, Credosity) is a charismatic presenter and corporate communications expert. He’s passionate about the intersection of psychology, behavioural change and communication.

For the past 18 years, Paul’s principles and frameworks have helped blue-chip CXO teams through to graduates change how they write, think and lead at work. His clients include NAB, Westpac, KPMG, BHP and Pfizer.

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