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A Canberra girl’s gluten-free guide to Paris

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Think you can’t find good gluten-free food in Paris as a coeliac? Think again.

Oui, I’m saying it is possible to have your croissant and eat it too.

In April I spent 10 days eating and drinking my way through the City of Love, and I finally got to live my long-held dream of devouring a French pastry near the Eiffel Tower (don’t judge, sometimes it’s the small things in life).

I won’t lie, I was incredibly anxious about finding coeliac-safe food in Paris, but after doing lots of social media scrolling (hot tip: TikTok is full of great recommendations) and Googling, before I even stepped on the Eurostar, I had a very long list of French restaurants and cafes serving delicious gluten-free food. And they did not disappoint. So, it feels only right to do the philanthropic thing and share my recommendations.

Here’s my Canberra girl’s gluten-free guide to Paris – and with all but one of these cafes and restaurants dedicated to gluten-free, the risk of cross-contamination is zero and the chance of a good time is high. You’re welcome.

But just a little note…

This is not a complete and comprehensive guide; these are just some places where my personal experience was wonderful. Do your research and pack some Gluten-Guard in case you do eat at a non-dedicated restaurant because cross-contamination is a huge risk in Paris (what do you expect when 90 percent of their diet is bread?).

It’s worth downloading a Gluten Free Card onto your phone (I used this app) for when you need some help communicating your dietary needs and the Find Me Gluten Free app is also a lifesaver if you ever get stuck.

Now, go book that holiday!


A dedicated gluten-free Italian restaurant that’s just steps away from the Eiffel Tower? I was there with bells on.

Cosy, busy, and offering a menu so large it’s almost too much to take in (think pizza, pasta, focaccia, decadent dessert options, and more), everything at Tasca is organic – including the wines – and all the pizza and pasta are homemade, making it truly authentic.

Their truffle gnocchi is supposed to be mind-blowing – thank you TikTok for the recommendation – but I decided to order the vegetarian lasagna, and It. Was. Delicious.

It tasted like actual pasta (I had to re-read the menu to double-check that their offerings are gluten-free), and it was everything you want lasagna to be – hot, cheesy, comforting, and filling.

I also stole a slice of my gluten-eating partner’s Parma pizza, and it was hands down one of the best gluten-free pizzas I’ve had, and he said it was one of the best pizzas he’s had full stop. And that’s pretty high praise.

I ended my meal with a hearty serving of classic tiramisu (there was also a pistachio option) and honestly? I still think about this meal.  I highly recommend it.

thefork.fr/restaurant/tasca | @tasca_bio


So many options…

Dreaming of eating a croissant or pain au chocolate for breakfast before spending a day exploring Paris? NoGlu is a dedicated gluten- free bakery that I visited twice during my trip, and for me, it made this dream a reality.

Selling a range of baked goods like cinnamon scrolls, tartlets, donuts, eclairs, and cakes, you can also sink your teeth into savoury options like gluten-free baguettes, and a quiche so fluffy you think you’ve died and gone to heaven.

The pastries are small, but it does give you the perfect excuse to have two in one sitting (#noregrets), and with two locations in Paris (one in Saint Germain which is relatively close to the Louvre and Eiffel Tower), you need to make stopping in at this bakery for a coffee and treat a priority. My personal favourite? The pain au chocolate, hands down.

noglu.fr/en | @nogluparis


I still can’t believe this was gluten-free.

My Paris bucket list looked like this: see the Eiffel Tower, tour the Louvre, visit La Galerie Dior, and have a particular pistachio pastry from Copains (there was a bit more than that, but those are the main highlights). Well, I got to try the viral pistachio New York Roll, and it was flaky, creamy, not too sweet, and the size of my head – and paired with a coffee, every bite was divine.

A nirvana for gluten-free foodies, Copains is a beautiful, aesthetic patisserie with locations all over the city that serves an incredible range of pastries, bread, snacks, and more. Think: brioche croissants, apple turnovers, peanut butter babka, loaded sandwiches, pizza, and even a croque monsieur… the list goes on.

I only went to Copains once and I wish I tried more (the veggie pizza looked amazing, and the vanilla New York Roll was also calling my name) so this patisserie is firmly staying on my Paris bucket list.  It’s a good excuse to go back, right?



Founded by an Australian naturopath, JUDY is a small taste of Australian café culture in the heart of Paris (and yes, there is smashed avocado on toast). Using organic and locally sourced produce, all the dishes are gluten-free and most are vegetarian, vegan, and lactose-free, but there’s no compromise on flavour or quality.

Everything on the menu sounds amazing (like banana bread French toast, eggs benedict, and fluffy paleo pancakes), but my Bali Bowl – complete with crispy tofu, raw and cooked seasonable vegetables, and rice infused with coconut, lemongrass, and ginger – literally made me moan with the first mouthful. Who knew veggies could taste THAT GOOD?

There are two locations in Paris (I went to the one near the Louvre) and as well as breakfast/lunch you’ll find plenty of cake options, you can grab yourself a coffee or matcha and there are even grab-and-go options if you don’t want to stop. Again, this is another location I wish I visited more than once.

judy-paris.com | @judy_paris

Cairn Coffee Shop & Naturopathy

The offerings at Cairn Coffee Shop & Naturopathy are small but they are mighty – and the veggie quiche I had here was perfection.

Serving gluten-free and organic food in a cosy shop, it’s perfect for when you want to get away from the bustle of the main streets (and not have to think about what you can eat). It’s also a mini-grocery store that sells essential oils and alternative medicines, which only adds to the super cute ambiance.


Galette Café

The goat cheese galette.

I ate a lot of galettes in Paris, and these were hands down the best. I went to Galette Café in Saint Germain twice, and both times (for lack of a better word) absolutely slapped.

All naturally gluten-free and made from buckwheat, during my first visit I ordered the goat cheese galette (with roasted apples, chestnut honey, cherry tomatoes, chopped walnuts, green salad, and an old wine vinaigrette) and during the second (which also happened to be my last night in Paris) I got the roasted chicken which comes with pan-fried mushrooms, Emmental cheese, cider based creamed sauce, green salad and an old wine vinaigrette. Oh my god. I’m making my own mouth water.

The roasted chicken galette.

They’re filling, and fresh, and the flavours the talented team packed into each galette blew my mind. This café isn’t dedicated gluten-free because there are sweet, wheat-based crepes on the menu, but it’s truly worth going.

galettecafe.fr | @galettecafe.saintgermain


These are places I had on my list and for one reason or another, we never made it there.



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A 100 percent gluten-free authentic Japanese restaurant that serves some amazing-looking bento bowls – including one with fried chicken. They also have gluten-free beer and desserts on the menu, so it’s the best of both worlds.



This Thai restaurant is completely gluten-free and vegan and it’s supposed to be amazing if you’re craving comforting curries and fresh vegetable-based dishes that capture the essence of authentic Thai cuisine. And who doesn’t love a cosy homemade Thai green curry after a day spent exploring?


At least I have multiple excuses to go back – all in the name of research for HerCanberra of course…

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