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Just risen – Autolyse

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Autolyse: an extra rest period for a dough used by Artisan bakers to ensure optimum moisture and texture.


It’s also the name of Canberra’s newest Artisan bakery.

Nestled next to Repco in Lonsdale Street, the font of the building’s signage recalls the ‘boy racer’ stylings of flame-sided automobiles and seems to be a nod to Braddon’s mechanic-and-car-yard steeped heritage.

A friendly and unpretentious outdoor space where patrons are enjoying handcrafted pastries and (from a quick straw poll) very decent coffee leads you to a space which could be described as ‘commercial bakery chic’.

White on white tiles and industrial machinery, are the undeniable stars of the show, with a small serving area offering an assortment of hand made breads: from traditional baguettes to white and wholemeal sourdough.

Mine was a flying visit, so I didn’t check out what else was on offer, but did spy some amazing looking croissants, decadent chocolate-smothered muffins (which I’m now informed were choc chip muffins with warm chocolate sauce on top) and pastries. The service was friendly and efficient, and the smartly-emblazoned brown paper bags my bread was safely tucked up in (proudly proclaiming “Made in Canberra”) signalled that this isn’t your everyday bakery.

Autolyse bread has been available through select IGAs and Supabarn for a while now, formerly being cooked on the premises of the former Alto in Telstra Tower, but these new digs give increased profile to the latest venture from Darren Perryman (First Floor) and Micky Gubas (Alto).

Autolyse is the newest addition to a continually transforming Lonsdale Street, a precinct that becomes more exciting every day. With businesses like this, that respect the suburb’s semi-industrial heritage and pay it homage, it can only get better and better.

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