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Christine Manfield to heat up eightysix

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Chef Christine Manfield will be back in Canberra from Tuesday 29 November for her fourth kitchen takeover of Braddon restaurant Eightysix.

Christine Manfield is one of Australia’s best culinary talents. With 10 cookbooks to her name and being former head chef of the highly successful restaurant Universal, it’s no wonder HerCanberra’s own creator Amanda is a fangirl.

No longer having her own restaurant, foodies rarely get the opportunity to experience Christine’s amazing food as you’ll only catch her at pop-up kitchen takeovers around Australia and the world.

Considering her restaurant Universal as the peak of her career as a restaurateur, Christine says she now likes being able to move around and experience different places and kitchens.

“I like the transience of it, it gives me a lot of freedom, and presents different kinds of challenges,” she says. It also gives her the opportunity to share her knowledge with new up and coming chefs.  “I get to see some incredible talent and see how much potential there is out there.”

One such local talent is Gus Armstrong, owner and chef at Eightysix. Christine has only good things to say about her experiences there; “they always like to see new things and play with different ingredients”.

Christine’s upcoming kitchen takeover will be all about food from Latin America, inspired by Christine travels through the region last year.

“I [had] to fall in love with South America it’s the home of chilli – it’s where it all originated,” she explains.

Christine says this takeover is all about mixing it up and creating something exciting for Eightysix customers. Christine created the menu, herself saying it’s “Pretty extensive. We have 16 or so savoury and then a few desserts as well.” Her aim for the menu is to “highlight the diversity and also the contemporary take on the food trends that are sweeping across the continent there as much as anywhere in the world”.

While I’m happy to say that one of my favourite foods is Latin American, Christine doesn’t play favourites. “I can’t pick favourites – my net spreads far too wide as long as it’s good punchy flavours”. But did add after hearing about my excitement tell me that “I think you’ll enjoy it – there are so many ingredients we are familiar with that originate from there and I’m trying to display those in an authentic light but in a contemporary way too.”

Even after her extensive travels and experiences in food, Christine thinks the Canberra culinary scene a standout.

“For a small city I think it does extremely well,” she says and is excited to come back to Canberra and go to some of our new restaurants. “It’s quite vibrant, you have a lot of choice.”

Christine also rightfully reminds us to get out to new and old restaurants and “celebrate our local heroes”.

Christine will be at Eightysix from Tuesday 29 November until 3 December. Excited to be here for a full week, Christine says “it gives me a chance to get into a rhythm for the whole week and people get to make sure they don’t miss it.”

You can make reservations through the Eightysix website or by calling the restaurant. It is booking up quickly so we recommend making your reservation soon.

the essentials

What: Christine Manfield kitchen takeover
Where: Eightysix, corner of Elouera and Lonsdale St, Braddon
When: 29 November until 3 December
Reservations: (02) 6161 8686
Website: eightysix.com.au

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