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First look (and bite): Matt Moran’s &Sando opens today

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They are chunky but neat. Full but not overstuffed.

Substantial without being overwhelming, and sure to cater to the whims of most sandwich aficionados who walk through the door of &Sando. Which is pretty much what you would expect of award-winning chef Matt Moran.

From 7 am, the little sister sandwich bar of Matt’s new Italian flagship Compa is open to the public after a whirlwind makeover by Studio A-N. The 18-seater is decked out in shades of sage green with velvet covered bar stools for those who want to stick around and maybe grab a coffee with their lunch.

Using a selection of Under and Sonoma breads, Matt has designed a sando combo to suit most moods.

From the Chix Schnitz (tomato, cabbage slaw and provolone on ciabatta) to the Tuna Fish (capers, cornichon, mayo, butterleaf, and avocado on sourdough), Spicy Deli (mortadella, spicy sopressa, tomato, pickled carrot, and provolone on sourdough), Not-So-Boring (ham, egg salad, cheddar, and rocket on a baguette), Pastrami Me (pastrami, pickled cabbage, provolone, mustard and mayo on sourdough), and Shroomy (grilled field mushroom, rocket, pesto, and ricotta on ciabatta), there are also gluten-free options for each.


But if you ask Matt what he reckons the best seller is going to be it’s the Steak Sanga (lettuce, tomato, caramelised onion, beetroot, and cheese) and this one will be made to order.

Given a tour yesterday, the HerCanberra team assumed this seasoned professional would be cool and calm about opening day.

“Nope. I am like an eight-year-old before a birthday party, nervous that no-one will come!”

But given the interest in the Matt Moran corner of Civic (both &Sando and Compa take out prime Bunda Street frontage in Canberra Centre, just near Raku) we are pretty sure he will draw a crowd.

And if, &Sando sandos aren’t actually what you’re after, there’s a bespoke range of sweet treats on offer, including pastries, a flourless chocolate torte, some Under buns (cinnamon, vanilla and cardamom)  and a cracking burnt Basque cheesecake, among other things.

Meanwhile, for those keen for a more substantial meal, Compa opens to the public next Tuesday. Stay tuned for our next story.


What: &Sando
Where: 148 Bunda Street
When: 7 am – 3 pm Tuesday – Friday, 8 am – 3 pm Saturday (and open on Sundays and Mondays after Mother’s Day in May)

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